20 Characters Bigger Than the Hulk (That Are Actually Weaker)

It is very likely that you don't need to be reminded that The Hulk is a big guy. Among his Avengers teammates, he's one of the most physically imposing members. He's one of the heaviest hitters to ever grace the Marvel Universe, powered by his own rage and a lot of gamma radiation. At times, he's even been a large threat to those around him, as seen in events such as World War Hulk. Bruce Banner increases in size to accommodate the physical power he gains from his transformation into the Hulk. There are even times where he's gotten bigger than usual in Hulk form, purely spurred on by his deep rage. In his normal Hulk state, if you can call Hulk normal, Banner stands around eight foot tall.

Several of his fellow superheroes can alter their size far more than Hulk, as well as some of his enemies. consideration also has to be made for the various races of the galaxy. What is tall on planet Earth may be short on another world, there are races that tower over Banner, even when he's hulked out. Though some beings may be bigger than the Hulk, it doesn't necessarily mean they are stronger than him. The power output he is capable of more than compensated for any discrepancies in height between him and another character. CBR gives you a long look at some tall orders as we find out that when it comes to the Hulk, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

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Juggernaut's got about a foot on the mean green machine when fully powered. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak gives Cain Marko a very imposing presence. However, the avatar of the chaotic Cyttorak doesn't necessarily have the power to defeat Hulk in open combat. The gem only gives Marko a fraction of the crimson deity's power.

Hulk, on the other hand, gets his power from within and even when he's not at his angriest, he can take down Juggernaut. While it's true Juggernaut has a win over Banner, it was gained through trickery and ambush. Despite the height advantage, Hulk will usually come out on top against the supposedly unstoppable Juggernaut.


Groot is a pretty big being to begin with, his race of tree-like people tower over the creatures that inhabit the forests of their home planet. In addition to his natural stature, Groot can manipulate the growth of his body. This growth manipulation allows him to expand to great heights and encompass whole structures.

When it comes to power, however, Hulk's got Groot beat. Groot is quite durable despite being made primarily from wood, but would be brittle against the raw power of Banner. Groot's strength mostly lies in his ability to grow himself back from amazing amounts of damage. So, while he might not beat the Hulk, he'd more than likely survive.


Fans who know Baymax primarily from the Big Hero 6 animated film may be unaware of his comic book origins. In the Marvel Comics Universe, Baymax is part of Big Hero 6 still, but he's far larger. On top of his size, he is able to pilot even bigger version of himself, similar to a Megazord or a Transformer.

At the end of the day, however, Baymax is still just a very well designed mech. He's also not designed to take on the Hulk like a Hulkbuster would be. Banner would likely make short work of the Japanese super-team's resident mecha, though it's doubtful Baymax would ever give him a reason to do so!


Giant Man Hank Pym

Hank Pym is not taller than The Hulk all of the time, but he absolutely can be. Using his signature Pym Particles, Hank can grow to colossal heights. He's not the only one either, as both Scott Lang and Bill Foster have also tried out the particles. Hank even went under the moniker of Giant Man for a while.

His strength is proportionately increased with his size, boosting his potential. Although, when stacked against the Hulk, it's still not enough to stop him. Hulk has fought Hank over several mediums and in one instance, during the animated Ultimate Avengers, managed to choke Hank unconscious while he was full-sized!



While he's most known for being a Spider-Man villain, Sandman has tussled with the Hulk before. He's even been a fellow Avenger at one point, while trying to reform his criminal ways. As long as he has the mass of sand to manipulate, Sandman can increase his size and density to a huge degree.

Not only can he increase in size, but he can create larger weapon constructs from his sand. Sandman is hard to pin down, given his material of choice. However, for enemies such as this or enemies too small for Hulk to deal with easily, Banner has his Thunderclap. Using these concussive waves from slamming his hands together, Hulk could level the playing field.



Much like his teammate on Big Hero 6, Fred is a lot different to his animated movie counterpart. Rather than use a costume as he does in the film, Fred's power is a lot more formidable in the comics. Fred is able to project a large energy construct around himself mimicking a Kaiju, usually taking the form of a large lizard.

His powers have led him to be called Fredzilla by his friends, though he protests it. Hulk wouldn't have too much trouble with Fred, though. Even the Amadeus Cho iteration of the Hulk spent time travelling the world defeating dangerous monsters of a similar build and power level.



Abomination, aka Emil Blonsky, is one of Hulk's oldest foes. Banner's best friend, Rick Jones, was also turned into a version of the villain named A-Bomb to differentiate the two. Abomination stands taller than Hulk, something that was shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Incredible Hulk.

Compared to Hulk, though? Abomination may have gotten some lucky shots in over the years, but he's been beaten back a few times. If Abomination pops up, it is assumed Hulk can see to him by virtue of his superior power and experience fighting the villain. In the comics, Abomination was actually felled by Red Hulk.


banner fenris

The Fenris Wolf, or simply Fenris, is a large wolf originating in Norse Folklore. The large beast is one of the most physically imposing being sin all of Asgard, a towering wolf with razor sharp teeth. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those teeth were shown to be able to pierce Hulk's skin.

Even though this mythical creature, unleashed by the villainous Hela, was able to break through Hulk's legendarily formidable skin, it still couldn't get the better of him. Banner was shown being able to physically throw the Fenris Wolf, protecting Thor and the remaining citizens of Asgard from its hunger.


When in his suit, Boris Bullski stands above Hulk in an impressive display of engineering. One of Iron Man's many rivals, alongside the likes of Crimson Dynamo, Boris is known as Titanium Man. Not just a man in a suit, his guile and cunning where trained into him by none other than Black Widow.

While Titanium Man has a lot of tools in his suit to use and couples it well with his espionage and subterfuge, Hulk wouldn't need much to stop him. Unlike his rival, Iron Man, Bullski's not had much experience designing suits to stop a rampaging Hulk.



Uatu the Watcher is a member of an alien race known as the Watchers. These beings are quite large naturally, but also possess the ability to alter their height, or alter the size at which other perceive them. Although powerful, the Watchers' duty is to observe the universe and record its events, rarely interfering.

Watchers possess immense mental abilities, used oftentimes to communicate. They also have a wide array of energy-based abilities which allow them to project energy and create force-fields. Physically, however, are quite vulnerable, as shown when Uatu had his life taken in the Original Sin story arc, a feat believed previously to be impossible.


Stature, aka Cassie Lang, is the daughter of Scott Lang and a member of the Young Avengers. Like her father before her, she is able to manipulate her size. Cassie, however, is more comfortable increasing her size rather than decreasing it. She serves as the Young Avengers' answer to Giant Man.

When it comes to a comparison to the Hulk, Stature can't keep up with his damage output. For all his bulkiness, Hulk is faster than most of his bigger opponents. The fact that Hulk would be able to use agility as well as his incredible strength against this less experienced young hero means that he'd have the edge.


Fin Fang Foom has a bit of a silly name, but aside from that, his power is not to be sniffed at. This enormous dragon being is capable of a whole host of destructive abilities. Couple this with a healing factor and his alien strength and you've got a contender for toppling the Hulk.

Thankfully, Hulk still has the edge over this cosmic villain. It turns out Foom's vulnerable to a specific herb, native to China, which sends the giant being to sleep. On top of that, Hulk has been shown to be immune to Foom's acidic mist that he spews.


The destroyer armor is a controllable suit of near-impervious design. Made by Odin himself, the armor is capable of withstanding immense punishment. It also has incredible strength, enough to rival even the angriest Hulk. It also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor, almost taking Thor's life.

The armor is not unbeatable, however, as there have been several people who have stopped it historically. Turning its energy on itself and even burying it under tons of rubble have been shown to destroy or incapacitate the Destroyer. Hulk makes rubble whenever he lets loose, so there'd be no shortage of mayhem to bury the Destroyer in.



Ahmet Abdol has long been a nuisance for the X-Men. The mutant has the ability to turn himself into the huge Living Monolith using cosmic radiation. His powers were said to be augmented by Apocalypse at one point, granting him more abilities. As well as using the radiation to increase his size, Ahmet can also project the radiation in the form of concussive blasts and create waves of intense heat.

Unfortunately for The Living Monolith, his power is dependent on having access to cosmic radiation. Without it, he's frail, small and shown to be visibly older when denied the nourishment of the otherworldly radiation.


Dario Agger

With War of the Realms looming in the Marvel Comics Universe, fans are becoming very familiar with Dario Agger. On the surface, Agger appears to be just another slimy businessman looking to manipulate others for a profit. There is a whole other side to Dario, however, as he's actually a Minotaur.

Not just any Minotaur, either, he towers above his opponents, even shown to be bigger than Weapon H on the cover of Weapon H #12! Though his strength is similar to the Hulk's Dario is far more apt in a business than he is in a fight. He's also easily distracted by his own blood lust, making him prone to mistakes.


Atlas has been a hero, an anti-hero and a villain across his career. Some may think he's still finding his place to this day. Regardless of his alignment, there is one undeniable fact, Atlas is a big dude. Capable of achieving the heights and mass similar of that of Giant Man, the Thunderbolts veteran is a titan of the super community

Atlas enjoys most of the perks that come with being able to make oneself larger with superpowers. Increased strength, durability and a much better perspective may not be enough to stop the Hulk though. Atlas has been defeated and arrested several times, by heroes far weaker than Hulk. It's hard to see Atlas giving Hulk any trouble without a sizable equalizer.



One of the government's more sinister experiments, American Kaiju is the result of an attempt to create a controllable monster. Experimented on as a part of Project: Troubleshooter, Todd Ziller (his real name, no joke!) was turned into a very patriotic, huge, rampaging lizard.

The formula used to create him was a concoction of gamma enhancements, mutant growth hormone, Pym Particles and even dashes of the serum that created The Lizard. When in this form, however, Ziller isn't too bright and has previously been taken down by the New Avengers, Red Hulk and even Deadpool.



Ymir is one of the oldest beings in all of the Nine Realms. An ancient and extremely powerful Ice Giant, he proved to be a formidable adversary to the most powerful creatures across all realms. He's colossal in height and is only really troubled by extremely high temperatures, given that his being is mostly ice.

The issue with being made out of ice is that ice is very smashable, and Hulk loves to smash! Though one of Ymir's abilities is to regenerate lost body parts, a very useful ability when you're made of ice, his regeneration probably couldn't keep up with a rampaging Hulk.



Towering at around eleven foot tall, Xemnu is not only physically imposing, but psychologically imposing too. One of his abilities is hypnosis, resulting in mind control. With this, he is able to act through his victims on whatever planet he is on in order to expose himself to more of the population. Xemnu builds his following and subjugates lesser minds in order to enforce his will.

One glaring weakness in Xemnu's power is that anyone who touches his physical form becomes immune to his control. So, Hulk landing a few good swings would do the trick. Xemnu has also been felled by the likes of Emma Frost and Colossus. In addition to this, his mind rays do not work on a number of super-powered individuals, most notably and recently, Deadpool.


High Evolutionary

A protege of the nefarious Mr. Sinister, the High Evolutionary took his exploits out into the galaxy. Fascinated by the progression and manipulation of evolution and biology, this villain experiments on all manner of life, including himself. He's been known to have multiple back up forms, much like his mentor, some being extremely large in structure.

Though he has access to technologies Banner doesn't and he is likely not to be ended by a defeat, Hulk should be able to deal with High Evolutionary. He may have to battle through waves of their creations, but it'll only serve to make Hulk angrier.


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