Chapterhouse To Launch All-Star Canadian Superhero Universe In 2017

This weekend at Fan Expo in Toronto, Chapterhouse Comics announced plans to expand their line of Canadian superheroes with several new series created by faces familiar to mainstream readers.

Already, the company publishes the well-received revival of Canadian hero Captain Canuck in both comics and animation spearheaded by creator Kalman Andrasofszky, and they recently expanded their line by adding "Canuck" spinoff "Northguard," signing writer/editor J. Torres' fan favorite "True Patriot" comics anthology and Archie creators Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz's "Die, Kitty, Die."

But in 2017, Chapterhouse will expand its original superhero line into a universe of titles with their "Chapterverse" which was billed as "a whole universe for $8 a month" at Fan Expo. There they released the following line-ups for incoming characters and comic books:

  • The character Fantomah will join the Captain Canuck serial via "Gotham By Midnight" writer Ray Fawkes and artist Soo Lee.
  • Spinoff series "Agents of Pact" focuses on an all-women super team including heroes Red Coat and Kebec from Kalman Andrasofszky and co-writer Blake Northcott.
  • Golden Age Canadian hero "Freelance" will be recreated by "Thunderbolts'" Jim Zub and "Another Castle's" Andrew Wheeler with art from Vaneda Vireak.
  • "Green Lantern" writer Van Jensen and Eric Kim will create a sci-fi story called "Northern Light" with covers from Miko Maciaszek.
  • Captain Canuck will crossover with Chapterhouse's Pitiful Human-Lizard character from Andrasofszky and Jason Loo.
  • "Northguard" will continue from current writer Anthony Falcone with Giovani Valletta taking over on a new arc next year.

Local journalist Paul Miranda nabbed these photos of many of the assembled talents and Chapterhouse's official lineup:

@chapterhouseca panel: @evilkalman @Wheeler @rayfawkes @Rebel_Loo @JimZub @AFalconewriter #FanExpo2016 @comixasylum pic.twitter.com/gF9jQKh3nI

— Paul Miranda (@Almighty_Oracle) September 3, 2016

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