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Scottsdale, AZ - August 13, 2001 - She's been a pain in Chastity and Purgatori's lives, has shown off in her own mini, Turn Loose the Dragon, and now, Jade returns in the four-issue Redemption that begins in November!

Written by Jade and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums Tom Sniegoski and Christopher Golden, hot new artist Wilson Tortosa who illustrated Turn Loose the Dragon pencils Redemption. While Wilson teased us with his manga style in Dragon, we're letting him go all out in Redemption, so expect it to have a very dark manga/anime look, feel and color.

Tom Sniegoski states, "Jade is one of those books that gets into your blood. I find myself thinking of all the cool things that have never been done before in comics and try to apply them to the new Jade mini series, Redemption. I want this series to be like watching an all out, balls to the wall action film, but I want it to be more than that. Watch out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - - Watch out Matrix - - Watch our Akira, - - Jade is looking to out do you all."

If you missed it, Turn Loose the Dragon introduced a new world based in Shanghai, filled with bright neon lights and high-tech wizardry. Wilson will continue to refine that vision as Redemption moves the action to San Francisco. As for the story, look for Chris and Tom to continue humanizing Jade, as well as keeping the mix of stylized oriental action and insane martial arts going. This time out, Jade heads to America to venture into the heart of her enemy's lair, once in the States however, Jade learns that things are not as simple as she would have hoped - the Triad families there have allied themselves with a mysterious group known only as the Progeny, and they are about to send their ultimate anti-vampire weapon, the Iron Racer to hunt her down.

Turn Loose the Dragon wowed new and old fans alike, while it was flying out of shops, so be sure to order your copy of Jade Redemption early! Along with the regular edition, be on the lookout for a premium version penciled by Daerick Gross which features Jade highlighted by her namesake, green mist.

Jade Redemption #1 (of 4) retails for $2.99 and will be in stores 11/7/01. For more information on Chaos!, please visit www.chaoscomics.com.

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