Chaos! announces artist for 'Halloween III'

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - September 5, 2001 - Chaos! is proud to announce the much anticipated return of long time artist fan favorite Justiniano (Chastity: Theatre of Pain, The Omen), as THE premiere artist on Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes due out this October. Die hard fans who've enjoyed Justiniano's work in the past will be thrilled to note his return, especially coming so unexpected as he illustrates Halloween III, the third installement in the haunting series of comics from Chaos! The chilling series has been successful in translating the long standing and popular horror franchise to the comic book medium, and as a result the first two issues have virtually sold out from Chaos!

Chaos! has kept Justiniano's involvement secretly underwraps for this project, and finally the mystery is over! Chaos! decided this time around to have some fun and go after an artist that loyal fans have adored and been asking for - and they've got'em! As many Chaos! readers will tell you, Justiniano's claim to fame with Chaos! was due in part to him being the artist who brought to life the vision of Chastity to the comic page in Chastity: Theatre of Pain. As a result, the Chastity craze and her popularity has grown ever since.

With Halloween III on his plate, Justiniano states "Halloween is a true classic of the horror genre. My work is but an ode to director John Carpenter's ability to scare the @#$% out of us, even to this day!"

As a result, now is the perfect time for retailers to increase their orders for Halloween III, as Chaos! welcomes back fan favorite Justiniano with open arms and as fan excitement heats up! Halloween III is a 32 page, full color comic in stores October 10, 2001. It is being written by talented Bram Stoker writer, Phil Nutman. Look for it in your August issue of Diamond Previews and order it today!

Halloween III is also being promoted in Rue Morgue Magazine, Fangoria, and to other movie/horror based websites. Visit Chaos! online at www.chaoscomics.com.

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