Channing Tatum's Gambit Deal Isn't Done, But He's 'Dying' to Play the X-Man

Channing Tatum's deal to play Gambit, or "Chambit" as the kids call him, isn't fully locked — but it's close.

The actor spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his developing involvement with Fox's X-Men franchise, saying he hopes to be joining the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, but "everything's not done yet" in terms of his contract.

"I've obviously been in talks, and we're on the one-yard line," he said. "I'm always afraid of being like, 'Yes, it's totally happening,' and then it doesn't happen."

"I'm dying to do it," he added.

Tatum's comments come after Lauren Shuler Donner, longtime producer on the X-Men movies, confirmed he'll be playing Gambit in an upcoming movie.

“He can handle the action, as we know, and he’s got a real good heart, I know him personally," she said earlier in the month. "He’ll be great for Gambit, and he’s a Southerner too, he understands that world, and you know Gambit loves New Orleans."

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