Channing Tatum Talks "Gambit" in Reddit AMA

In between answering questions about the components of his perfect sandwich (spoiler: it has Cheetos in in) and why pizza is awesome, star of "Magic Mike XXL" Channing Tatum briefly talked about the upcoming "Gambit" feature film during a Reddit AMA.

"We finally found someone that I really do believe wants to make Gambit," Tatum said, referencing recently announced director Rupert Wyatt. "And I just really think because Gambit is not the most popular or the biggest hero, I think there's a really unique opportunity. Marvel's done a lot of great movies that have made a ridiculous amount of money, and it's always good to figure how to change the form."

During the AMA, Channing also discussed his "21 Jump Street" co-star Jonah Hill, threw some shade on himself for "Step Up" and about that time he was at an ariport Chili's in desperate need for some chicken crisps.

"Gambit" is scheduled for release on Oct. 7, 2016.

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