REPORT: Channing Tatum May Direct the Gambit Movie

Channing Gambit

Despite recent reports that 20th Century Fox's solo Gambit film (as well as the studio's other announced X-Men titles) has been axed ahead of its impending merger with Disney, it appears that there is very much still an interest in getting the film made.

In fact, some new information suggests that Channing Tatum, who has long been slated to play the titular Cajun mutant, may also be interesting in sitting in the director's chair.

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According to a report from Deadline, Tatum has parted ways with his longtime reps at talent agencies UTA and Management 360. At this time, it does not seem as though he has plans to go anywhere else and the split is being described as amicable.

The report goes on to explain that Tatum is not only still trying to get the ball rolling on Gambit, but if insider buzz is to be believed, may very well end up directing it as well, given the amount of other potential candidates who have boarded and subsequently departed the film. This is all, of course, assuming that the the project does actually carry forward.

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On that note, in spite of Gambit's rumored cancellation and the fact that an official start date has yet to be announced, Deadline claims that the film is "still being worked on."

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