"Channel Zero" Back On The Air: Wood Updates Publishing Plans

Fans of Brian Wood's quirky "Channel Zero" may have been worried that their supply of the media-questioning black-and-white was just about out. After all, Wood's last public statements about the book were that he'd be pulling it from Image Comics, which currently publishes the series.

Wood now has more details on what the future holds, although everything isn't set in stone as of yet.

"'Channel Zero' #5 will ship on Dec. 11," Wood wrote to the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "It's been upgraded to a 40-page book (no price increase), and features the return of Jennie 2.5, the character from the sold-out miniseries last spring. Along with her return to the spotlight, #5 introduces five new characters you should be seeing more of in the future.

"'Channel Zero' #6 ships barely a month after #5, on Jan. 8th. This is a special issue, titled 'Dupe,' and features the two long lost Channel Zero stories from my pre-Image, small press days. #6 will also contain a new story, an illustrated prose short. (More on the reasons for that later).

"In March, the Channel Zero Collection will ship. This 128-page volume will reprint the first five issues of Channel Zero (issues 1-4 are completely sold out), along with an introduction by Warren Ellis. I've been hounded for the last 8 months to put out a trade, so here it is. I've also been contacted by a college professor who wants to order a number of them for a media class he teaches.

"The future of 'Channel Zero' after March is still being decided, but I am leaning heavily towards producing illustrated novels, several hundred pages in length, with full page illustration scattered throughout the story (similar to Dark Horse's Hellboy novel). No definite word on a publisher yet, but it will probably be Image. More to come on this."

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