Channel Boba Fett with this 'Star Wars'-inspired ballistic body armor

With AR500 Armor's Mandalorian ballistic armor, you'll have no need for the Force.

In collaboration with Heckler & Koch, TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, SureFire, Wilcox Industries Corp, Team Wendy and artist Ryan B. Flowers, body armor manufacturer AR500 Armor has produced a set of ballistic armor modeled after the Mandalorians, a fictional culture from the "Star Wars" universe. Notably, fan-favorite character Boba Fett was one of these nomadic warriors.

"GalacTac Project... A special project that we have been working on with other industry leaders," AR500 Armor wrote on its official Facebook account.

Flowers designed and built the prototype, which boasts custom AR500 ballistic plates and a number of other parts from the project collaborators. Originally, Flowers sold the custom armor for airsoft players; the airsoft-version of the armor is currently available on his website for $325 a piece.

It is unclear at this time if or when AR500 Armor's version will be mass produced or how much it will cost.

(H/T: OutdoorHub)

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