Changing Horses In Midstream

(which may be a famous saying - however, it's also a Dylan lyric - just noting)

So, the poll ended, and the results were a bit odd.

    Deadpool #11 (109)

    Superman Annual #11 (157)

    Amazing Adventures #11 (36)

    Total votes: 302

Come on, people, there is absolutely zero chance that 300 people in ONE DAY actually answered that question honestly. I know we're a well read site and all, but come on! It'd be like asking, "Did you like the latest issue of Betty and Veronica Spectacular?" and getting 302 replies.

Heck, I know that even my own girlfriend didn't follow the instructions (as she voted for the only story she actually knew, Superman Annual #11, though she had no idea what issue it appeared in before the topic was discussed).

So, my apologies for a dumb (I'd prefer the term "naive," but dumb will suffice) poll question. I do like the ability to do polls - I think I'll do one in the future where I actually WANT the replies to be based on popularity.

So, anyhow, Deadpool #11 stands as the choice.

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