Changes At Comic-Con, Glanzer Explains

Comic-Con International, the organization behind WonderCon, APE and San Diego Comic-Con, announced today the promotion of Eddie Ibrahim to Director of Programming for the organization. Gary Sassaman, the current Director of Programming, will move to the newly created position of Director of Print and Publications. CBR News spoke with CCI's David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, about the changes at the company and what it means for their hugely important events.

"As everyone knows all our shows continue to grow," Glanzer said. "While this is terrific news, it also means additional workload on all of us. Creation of the position Director of Print and Publication gives us the opportunity to have one person responsible for making certain nothing falls through the cracks in terms of our publications and printed matter."

Director of Programming is one of the most demanding jobs to be had in the CCI organization. As Glanzer explained to us, the Programming Director is responsible for the programming topics at every CCI show including APE and WonderCon, an endeavor that requires a keen insight into the comics industry as a whole, as well as a good understanding of pop culture and its many forms.

"I often describe programming as a giant Rubik's cube; simply changing one program has the effect of changing any number of others. With Comic-Con alone, there are several tracks of programming on all aspects of comics and pop culture, and it's the responsibility of the programming director to make sure that each area is not only represented in a fair manner, but that the amount of overlapping is kept to a minimum."

CCI's new Director of Programming Eddie Ibrahim worked under Glanzer for the last few years and also sat on the CCI board, which should make the transition a smooth one. Glanzer remarked, "Eddie has dealt with a variety of companies and individual on an executive level and has proven very effective in performing his duties. His love of comic books, gaming and all things pop culture made him the obvious choice to take over programming."

Now in the newly created position of Director of Print and Publications, Gary Sassaman's main focus will be on creating a uniform look and editorial style for all of CCI's printed matter. Glanzer explained, "As you may know Gary is an artist, and had published his own comic book. He worked for many years in television as a graphics designer both in Pennsylvania as well as San Diego. His first love has been art and design and I think Comic-Con will benefit from having him in this position. Plus he will be able to work on the business side of publications including print runs, pre-press, distribution etc. He is well suited for this position."

Glanzer also pointed out that creating publications for Comic-Con is not an easy task. " There are unique elements that must be considered in our advertising, print publications and even our web site. So to have one person devoted to making sure all our ducks are in a row will be a benefit not only to Comic-Con, but, hopefully, to all those who participate and attend our shows."

In conclusion, Glanzer remarked, "Comic-Con really does operate as a team, and we've added a new team member not at the expense of someone, but in addition to them. So I have little doubt that the results will be positive for all involved."

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