Champions: The Final Fate of Viv Vision (Is Not What We Expected)

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Champions #15 by Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

An underlying subplot of the Avengers/Champions crossover "Worlds Collide" has been Vision's concern for his teen daughter, Vivian "Viv" Vision. Though she has fought alongside her Champions teammates for some time, uniting with the Avengers to defeat the High Evolutionary has caused Vision's fatherly instincts to kick into overdrive.

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As we learned in Avengers #674, Vision was right to worry, as Viv sacrificed herself to prevent High Evolutionary's WorldCore Machine from colliding Earth into Counter-Earth. From the perspective of our heroes, Viv died in the heat of battle. But for the reader at home, we learned in Champions #15 that there is far, far more than meets the eye when it comes to Viv's whereabouts.


The Great Beyond

After her encounter with the WorldCore Machine, the young Champion finds herself stuck in a strange land with the High Evolutionary. As intelligent as he is, even the High Evolutionary isn't aware of their location. Back on Earth, the Avengers and Champions mourn the passing of their friend and loved one. The Vision is in deep denial, and has already dedicated himself to creating a new synthezoid body for Viv, while Nova wants to quit the Champions.

While all this is taking place, something odd happens to Viv; she gets a glimpse of the Vision, with tears streaming down his face.

What makes this unique is that the "visions" that hit Viv are coming from the vantage point of the synthezoid body her father is in the process of constructing. The High Evolutionary says, "As a living signal, I would seem to be trapped here because I have no receiver in our reality." But since Viv's new body on Earth is acting as a receiver, they can use it to get back home. All it will take is for Viv to become give up her human form and become a datastream like the High Evolutionary.


Viv 2.0

Try as he might, the High Evolutionary is unable to convince Viv to trust him. She has a good reason not to; after all, he did change Viv into a human without her consent. While Nadia Pym tries to reason with Vision back on Earth, Viv turns into pure energy and blasts off into the sky. The Vision tells Nadia that he doesn't intend to have this stand-in replace Viv permanently. In actuality, it will allow him one last opportunity to say goodbye. Just as he clicks a button to activate his new creation, Viv flies into the household and unleashes a flash of energy. The result is not one, but two Viv Visions!


That's right folks, we now have Viv Vision 1.0 in human form, and Viv Vision 2.0, the synthezoid -- or is it the other way around? Viv was able to use her second body as a receiver to find her way home, just like the High Evolutionary instructed. Now, we're faced with the question of, what happens to the second Viv? She answers to that name when Vision calls out to her, an she appears to be just alive now as Viv was prior to being transformed into a human. It would be cruel to deactivate her at this point. Then there's the issue of the question Nadia raised earlier in the issue -- if Vision's brain patterns were taken from Wonder Man, then where did Viv's come from?

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"Worlds Collide" concluded with an ending no one saw coming. All clues pointed to Viv dying, but instead of subtracting from the team, Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos introduced a twist by adding another new character to the Marvel Universe. The Vision Family also grows by one after mother, son and dog all perished in the critically-acclaimed Vision series. Now, Viv must learn to adapt to life as a human, with a new "twin" sister thrown into the mix.

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