EXCLUSIVE: Viv Vision Gets A New Look from Champions' New Artist


In April, Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse will take over the creative reins of Marvel Comics' Champions series. And, along with adding new teammates in the form of the Wasp and Ironheart, the creative team will give Viv Vision a new look.

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Izaakse's design for Viv's new outfit isn't dramatically different from how departing series artist Humberto Ramos has depicted her in the past, though the changes to play up her superhero role a bit more. The cargo pants remain, along with Viv's fingerless gloves. But rather than her old short-sleeve hoodie, Viv's now sporting a hi-low top that evokes the feel of a cape and gives her entire ensemble more of a superhero costume vibe.

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"Working with Sean on Uncanny Avengers and Thunderbolts has been such a blast and we enthusiastically decided to keep the band together for Champions," Zub told CBR of his artistic collaborator. "Sean’s work has that perfect balance of youthful energy and classic comic storytelling chops I want to see on this series. He’s a rock-solid collaborator, always bringing his A-game to the page. Humberto Ramos did a wonderful job setting the look of Champions up until this point, but we’re going to try and visually hit a different mark with issue #19 and make it our own."

Marvel Comics' Champions #19, by writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse, arrives in April.

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