Chadwick Boseman Shares New "Black Panther" Insight: 'It's a Brainstorming Phase'

Chadwick Boseman got to take a victory lap for his most recent role, playing legendary R&B singer James Brown in the film "Get On Up" -- a stint for which he was honored with a Virtuoso Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Sunday.

But in a quick red carpet conversation with Comic Book Resources, the actor revealed that his mind's already focusing on his next big role, playing monarch-of-Wakanda-turned-superhero T'Challa in both "Captain America: Civil War" and "Black Panther" -- slated for release on May 6, 2016 and Nov. 3, 2017, respectively, from Marvel Studios.

CBR News: You've got an interesting journey ahead with two greatly anticipated movies. What has been the fun in this stage of the game for you, prepping for your role as Black Panther?

Chadwick Boseman: Who said I was prepping? [Laughs] I think right now, it's just going through the possibilities of what he can do. It's a brainstorming phase, trying to figure out what it looks like -- I'm going to be as vague as I can! -- what it looks like and what it should feel like in certain moments. But just going through [the material], because there's always a difference from one story to the next of who he is -- trying to find a way to merge those things together. Because I think that's always fun when these movies work: it's when people see several things satisfied at one time. And I think that's been the fun part so far.

In your comic book research, is there stuff you've discovered that you've really responded to?

Yeah. Really, all of it. It's just difficult with this particular character, because there are a lot of things in that time when it was written that did not exist but do exist now, so trying to figure out how would that work now. How is it special now in terms of technology and whatever -- but that's all I can say!

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