Chad Stahelski Will Direct 'John Wick 2' By Himself

Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the 2014 revenge thriller "John Wick," will return to helm the sequel by himself.

Although Lionsgate initially announced that both Stahelski and David Leitch would step back behind the camera, Collider now reports that Leitch will serve as an executive producer. The website notes "rumblings" of numerous project offers following the success of "John Wick," so it's certainly possible Leitch will be busy directing another film.

The original film starred Keanu Reeves as a retired hitman bent on revenge following the brutal theft of his vintage car and the killing of his puppy. Produced for just $20 million, "John Wick" grossed $78.7 million worldwide.

Both Reeves and screenwriter Derek Kolstad will return for the sequel, which begins filming this fall.

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