15 Celebrities You Never Knew Appeared On Supernatural

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Wayward sons Sam and Dean Winchester have been slaying demons, ghosts, vampires and everything else that goes bump in the night on The CW's Supernatural for over a decade now. The series that premiered in 2005 even beat out Smallville -- which aired on the same channel -- for the longest-running genre show in TV history when it was renewed for a thirteen Season in 2017. Funnily enough, Jenson Ackles -- who plays gruff, older brother Dean -- appeared in Season Three of Smallville as Lana Lang's brooding boyfriend, Jason Teague, just before landing his leading role in Supernatural. Similarly, Jared Padalecki -- who plays the younger, more sensitive brother Sam -- also got his first big break from a WB/CW show, Gilmore Girls, where, strangely enough, he played a character called Dean.

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Unsurprisingly for a popular show that has enjoyed the extended life of an undead creature, Supernatural itself has seen its fair share of up-and-coming actors go on to do big things in Hollywood. One day, they're just "that girl who got killed by a werewolf in one episode of Season Two," and a few years later they're starring as the titular character of their own show while you scratch your head wondering where you remember their face from. Supernatural has also featured plenty of guest stars who are already famous too, some of whom you'll really have to see to believe...

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Paris Hilton Supernatural
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Paris Hilton Supernatural

A celebrity who truly needs no introduction, the infamous socialite and reality TV star made a surprising guest appearance in the fifth episode of Season Five, "Fallen Idols." She played a Pagan god of Balkan origin, Leshiy or Leshii, who had spent the best part of three decades disguising itself as celebrities who would then kill their adoring fans for sustenance -- Paris Hilton being the most recent.

Given the character's motives, Paris was a perfect and hilarious choice for the role despite many fans' distaste at seeing her alongside Sam and Dean. Her brutal beheading -- not once, not twice, but five times -- by Sam armed with an axe must have been quite satisfying for them. This would have actually been a reunion for Paris and Jared, who previously co-starred in 2005's House of Wax.


Linda Blair Supernatural

A true icon of the horror genre -- and cinema in general -- the famed child star of The Exorcist appeared as Detective Diana Ballard in Season Two's "The Usual Suspects." Safe to say it was a cameo that was a lot more appreciated by fans than Paris Hilton's. Linda's role was to arrest Dean on suspected murder charges in Baltimore, and to try and pull a confession out of him or Sam.

But after a spooky visit from a "death omen" -- a ghoulish apparition that forewarns people of their coming demise -- she has a change of heart. With her newfound belief in the supernatural, she released Sam and Dean, just in time for them to deliver some crowd-pleasing meta-commentary on how "familiar" she looked and for Dean to develop a craving for pea soup.


Lauren Cohan Supernatural

Lauren Cohan is probably best known as The Walking Dead's Maggie Green, but before she took to zombie-slaying she was Supernatural's amoral British thief, Bela Talbort. Bela was a shady and sultry dealer of rare or unusual paranormal items in the show's third Season whose illegal line of work ensured her path kept crossing with the Winchesters'.

As neither an ally nor proper antagonist of the boys, her mystery and pluckiness left an indelible impression on fans. Since being brutally ripped to shreds by a hellhound in Supernatural, Lauren has had significant roles in ChuckThe Vampire DiariesArcher and the aforementioned Walking Dead. She also played Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman, a small role that infamously turned out to be pretty instrumental.


Snooki Supernatural

Yes, really. Her. Perhaps in another effort to rile up those fan who'd been particularly upset at Paris Hilton's appearance four Seasons earlier, the Supernatural team brought Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- of MTV's Jersey Shore fame -- to guest star in Season Nine's "Blade Runners." Though it sounds ridiculous even by Supernatural's standards, the casting choice actually worked really well.

In the episode, Dean and Sam decide to summon a crossroads demon to shake down for information on its boss, Crowley, who had suspiciously slipped off the boys' radar. And who did the demon use as an appropriate "meat suit?" A reality TV star. As Dean himself said in the episode, "It makes so much sense." The fact that Snooki was willing to literally be demonized on the show probably means she has a good sense of humor, though.


Supernatural Julie Benz

Julie Benz is probably best known nowadays for her role as Rita Bennet/Morgan on Dexter, though, as someone who's been working in the industry since the early '90s, her list of credits is pretty long and pretty impressive. Supernatural fans who have particularly good memories might remember her from episode 12 of Season One, "Faith," in which she played Layla Rourke, a terminally ill woman who sought salvation from a faith healer.

Prior to that, you may have recognized her as Kathleen Toplosky from Roswell, or -- more likely -- as Darla, the alluring and ancient vampire who sired Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series, Angel. Since appearing in Supernatural, she's also been busy with roles in Desperate Housewives, Hawaii Five-O and Defiance (the TV series.)


AJ Buckley Supernatural

As Ed Zeddmore, AJ Buckley is one of Supernatural's longest running recurring characters -- and one of the lucky few to have not suffered any permanent or temporary deaths. Ed first popped up in the show's first Season as co-founder of the paranormal investigation site, HellHoundsLair.com, along with his partner Harry Spengler. (Yes, both of their surnames are Ghostbusters references.)

The amateur hunters go on to form the "Ghostfacers," a team of supernatural true believers who serve as Supernatural's send-up of ghost-hunting reality shows. They continuously obstruct Sam and Dean's cases and end up getting themselves into real and dangerous trouble. Outside of the show, AJ has leant his voice to Toad in Wolverine and The X-Men and Nash in The Good Dinosaur, and had a long stint on CSI: NY as Adam Ross.


Candice King Supernatural

Dean Winchester is a man of simple pleasures: beer, pie, his beloved "Metallicar" and women. It wasn't much of a surprise, then, that in Season Four's "After School Special" we learn that the eldest Winchester brother has been successfully charming the opposite sex since his teenage years when we flashback to one of the many high schools that the two boys briefly attended.

In the episode, Candice King (formerly called Candice Accola) played Amanda Heckerling, whom a young Dean became intimately acquainted with very quickly in the janitor's closet. She also kicked him to the curb equally fast after discovering him cheating on her. Since her Supernatural appearance, she's found greater fame starring in other shows of the same genre, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


Ashley Benson Supernatural

Though she's made appearances on How I Met Your Mother and CSI: Miami, Ashley Benson is most known from her starring role as Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars, the popular teen mystery series that ran for an impressive seven Seasons between 2010-17. But, before she was the PLL Homecoming Queen, she was a centuries-old witch in the seventh episode of Season Four of Supernatural, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester."

The episode dealt with the origin of Halloween itself, which -- in Supernatural lore -- was instigated by one really old and really powerful demon named Samhain. The demon was worshipped by Pagan followers hundreds of years ago every October 31st when he rose to cause chaos, and Ashley's character, Tracy Davis, believed that freeing him again would break one of the 66 seals binding Lucifer.


Jason Dohring

If you were watching TV in the mid to late '00s, it's more likely than not that Jason Dohring's face will forever be that of Logan Echolls' in your mind, the rich kid with a heart who made Veronica Mars' flutter in teen detective show, Veronica MarsVeronica Mars aired, where else, but on Supernatural's network, The CWand continuing the CW crossover tradition, he guest starred as Chronos, the god of time, in Season Seven.

In the episode, appropriately called "Time After Time," Chronos -- no longer worshipped as a deity -- accidentally pulled Dean back to the '40s when the hunter apprehended him feeding off of a human in his desperation to power himself up. He returned to The CW to play Detective Will Kinney in vampire show The Originals, and then again as Chase Graves in iZombie.


Cory Monteith Supernatural

Between 2009-13, Cory Monteith sang and danced his way to TV fame as Finn Hudson, the star Quarterback of McKinley High who harboured a secret passion for broadway in the teen musical dramedy, Glee. Prior to this, hardcore Supernatural fans may just remember him from all the way back to the second ever episode of the show, in which he played an unfortunate camper named Gary.

Gary pitched his tent in the wrong woods in the episode titled, "Wendigo," in which he and a buddy were attacked by the titular flesh-eating creature at Blackwater Ridge. Sam and Dean discovered Gary quite literally hanging out in the wendigo's lair but were unable to save him in the end. Cory tragically passed away in 2013 from a drug and alcohol overdose.


Adrianne Palicki Supernatural

As Sam's college girlfriend Jessica Moore, Adrianna Palicki has a special and sad place in Supernatural history as being the impetus behind Sam's motivation to rejoin the hunting life at the very start of the show. In fact, her death was later revealed to be orchestrated by the yellow-eyed demon Azazel -- who also murdered the Winchester brother's mother years earlier -- to do just that.

The trauma of her fiery death continued to haunt Sam throughout the early seasons of the show. Since Supernatural, Adrianne's star power has been on the up and up. She's had big roles in Friday Night LightsG.I Joe: Retaliation, John Wick and The Orvilleand played Bobbi Morse in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the made-for-TV movie, Marvel's Most Wanted in 2016.


Sterling K Brown Supernatural

Sam and Dean have certainly been forced to cross the line more than once during their life-long effort to rid the world of evil. But, they've never been quite as ruthless as Sterling K. Brown's psychotic hunter, Gordon Walker. Gordon developed a vendetta against vampires after one turned his sister, forcing him to kill both. He would later suffer the same fate as punishment for his brutal treatment of the blood-sucking creatures.

After his character's gruesome death in Season Three, Sterling has become a major TV star, famous for his roles in Person of InterestThis Is Us and an Emmy award-winning turn as lawyer Christopher Darden in American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. He's also poised to take over the big screen next with a role in 2018's Black Panther as the mysterious N'Jobu.


Alden Ehrenreich Supernatural

If you don't know who Alden Ehrenreich is yet, then you definitely will do by 2018 when he'll be stepping into Harrison Ford's shoes to play a young Han Solo in the next A Star Wars Story spin-off. So far, you might know him instead from 2013's dark, teen romance Beautiful Creatures, or from his indie filmography in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine or the Cohen brothers' Hail, Caesar!

Before all this though, his very first role was as Ben Collins in Season One of Supernatural, appearing alongside similar up-and-comer, Cory Monteith in the "Wendigo" episode. After being dragged off by the hungry creature from his campsite with Cory's Gary, Ben's disappearance prompts his sister, Haley, to enlist Sam and Dean to help try and track him down, which -- thankfully -- they did.


Rick Springfield Supernatural

After Lucifer dramatically busts his way out of the Cage in Season 11, he tried on a few different vessels for size, including that of aging rock star, Vince Vincente. In what must have been deliberate case of art imitating life, the Supernatural crew cast real life rock star Rick Springfield in the role. Though, unlike Vince, Rick's career isn't in need of any resuscitating.

After rising to musical fame in the '80s with US No.1 hit single, "Jessie's Girl" in 1981 (for which he also won a Grammy) the Australian singer began to concentrate more on his acting career, landing a part in General Hospital that he remained in until 2013. He's also appeared as himself in Californication and Family Guy, and has had notable roles in Ricki and the FlashAmerican Horror Story and True Detective.


Charlie Bradbury Felicia Day Supernatural

After getting her first big acting break in the final Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Felicia Day has become a creative powerhouse and icon in geek culture. As well as acting, she is the co-founder of multimedia production company Geek & Sundry, and has transformed her passion for tabletop and video gaming into writing, producing and starring in numerous web series' -- most notably The Guild and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Supernatural fans know her first and foremost, though, as the Winchester's surrogate kid sister, Charlie Bradbury. Charlie had a recurring role as the bumbling nerd-turned-slightly-less-bumbling computer hacker between Seasons Seven and Ten. After adventuring around the world -- and beyond -- she died an honourable but grisly death at the hands of the Frankenstein family to protect Sam and Dean.

Are there any celebrities that have appeared in Supernatural that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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