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I can't review comics as fast as I've been reading them lately. I need to say something about some of these books, though, so I'm challenging myself to write nine reviews in nine paragraphs for this, Pipeline #999. Maybe I'll come back and expand on these at a later date. For now, just let me get these out of my system:


  • "The Daredevil Camera" is a blog post from a man who has been attempting for many years to build a device that can visualize sound waves. He wants to use it to see the world the way Daredevil might. As you might expect, this is not an easy project in reality, and he tracks the lengthy history as it grows from a simple thing to a multi-processor/multi-camera set-up. The final results are very crude, but still fascinating from the point of view of a hobbyist project that's made significant progress.
  • Todd McFarlane continues to use the new Facebook Live platform to create fun videos for his fans. Check out the last couple of weeks and you can see him drawing Wolverine, Superman, Captain America and -- the Canadian Maple Leaf. Happy Canada Day from me, four days later!
  • If you're as big a process junkie as I am, subscribe to Strip Panel Naked, a YouTube channel that does nice explanations of storytelling techniques using popular comics. The recent video explaining "Narrative Distancing" using "Hellboy" as an example is spot-on. It's good work, and you can support it via his Patreon, if you are so moved.
  • Meanwhile, I'm oddly fascinated by Mark Crilley's Jigsaw Puzzle Illustration video. It looks like an interesting challenge to try someday...
  • What if the European nations each had their own Captain America? Either painfully stereotypical or kinda sorta funny. You make the call!
  • Congratulations to Todd Klein on his ninth blogiversary. His blog has proven a terrific source of lettering history over the years.
  • I can't believe I missed this, but Disney offered up some Rocketeer apparel back in May to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the movie. That red shirt with Mickey in the Rocketeer outfit is awesome. (Meanwhile, the 2012 rumor of a Rocketeer movie reboot has been followed by four years of utter silence...)
  • If you're looking for some smart writing by an artist in comics talking about both craft and business, check out the archives of Steve Lieber's "Dilettante" column on the Comic-Con International: San Diego website.
  • Once upon a time, I bought the domain name PipelineComics.com. I let it lapse a few years back, with nothing concrete to do with it. I just bought it again over the weekend. I have an idea now. Stay tuned...

Next week: The one thousandth Pipeline column, with a shocking twist ending you won't see coming! I'm talking Kirkman-level shock and awe here, people! Don't miss it, because I plan on using all my exclamation points on it!

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