Celebrate The Art of Comics in ComicdomCon Athens

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Official Press Release

Comicdom Press, the Media Lab of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University and the Hellenic-American Union, invite you on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 2006, to celebrate the art of Comics in ComicdomCon Athens!

A weekend with international guests, screenings, comics retailers, publishers, original art exhibitions, signing events, awards, Q&A panels, workshops and seminars on the Art and History of comics.

ComicdomCon Athens's guests of honor are three esteemed comics creators, visiting Greece for the first time. Bill Sienkiewicz, Peter Milligan and Joseph Michael Linsner will sign for their fans and interact with them, participating in panels and special workshops.

Also gracing ComicdomCon Athens with his presence will be Jim Demonakos, PR Manager of Image Comics, who will participate in a conference titled "Images of Ethics and Social Responsibility of Companies and Media in Comics". The conference is part of ComicdomCon Athens and is co-organized by the Media Lab and Comicdom Press, with various Greek and international academics, journalists, creators and media partners as guests.

Some of the events that take place in ComicdomCon Athens are:

• Screening of documentary "The Mindscape Of Alan Moore", which details the life and work of the famed British comics writer. The screening will take place on Saturday May 6 and DeZ Vylenz, one the two directors of the documentary, will be there to give an introductory speech.

• Presentation of the work of charity organization Draw The World Together, which aims to unite comics creators to help children in countries that cannot provide the opportunity for basic health and education. This particular event is organized with the participation of the British Council.

• Original Art Exhibition, with pages by our guest, Bill Sienkiewicz and other famous comics artists, like Adam Kubert, Greg Land and Mike Deodato, which are kindly loaned to the convention by friends and collectors.

• Workshops on current script and art techniques, by Greek and international creators.

• Comics bazaar, with the participation of all major Athens comic stores and Publishers Expo, featuring most major Greek comics publishers and the surprise presence of an Image Comics booth!

• COMICDOM AWARDS 2005 victory ceremony, where the Greek comics readers honor their favorite comics and creators from the US, European, Japanese and Greek comics industries.

ComicdomCon Athens is hosted in the main building of the Hellenic-American Union (Massalias 22, Athens) with admission being free for the public. Doors will be from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., for both days of the Con.

ComicdomCon Athens is sponsored by: Electronic Arts Greece, Anubis Comics, Jemma Press, Kobra Press, Soultwinkles, Comicworld, FiguresWorld, Jemma Books & Comics, Relax Your Soul Comics, Solaris, Super Hero Planet, Tilt, Vasma Toys.

Special Partner: British Council.

Supported by General Secretariat for Youth.

Media sponsors: Anubis Comics, Athens Voice, RED FM.

Learn more about ComicdomCon Athens and stay up-to-date about all things related to the event, by visiting our website at www.comicdom.gr/convention

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