Celebrate Shark Week with "Jaws" Honest Trailer

It's that time of year again, when we celebrate what it means to be an American during the peak of the summer months -- Shark Week. And in honor of this annual historic occurrence, Screen Junkies has debuted their "Honest Trailer" for "Jaws," the blockbuster thriller that set the bar for shark-induced terror, and probably dealt a serious blow to the beach tourism industry for at least a decade.

Unlike previous entries in the Honest Trailer series, there really isn't a whole lot to critique about the classic film, although you will come out noticing just how awful Mayor Vaughn's fashion choices were. It also helps put things in perspective, reminding us all of that there were three -- yes, three -- "Jaws" sequels ranging from unnecessary to unmentionable. Check out the video below as they take a bite out of the classic.

Released in 1975, "Jaws" was a landmark for summer blockbusters and the horror genre alike, and launched the career of Steven Spielberg. For more shark-related programming, be sure to check out the Discovery Channel's remaining offerings all week.

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