Celebrate Pride Month with This List of 63 LGBT Marvel/DC Characters

After the events of this past Friday, June 2015 is definitely a Pride Month to remember. Thanks to a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, marriage equality is finally the law of the land. After decades of fighting for this right, every person in the United States is now free to marry the person they love, regardless of how they identify their gender. This is a big deal, and it's really the perfect way to end this year's monthlong celebration of LGBT pride.

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This ruling comes at a time when comics at the Big Two are focusing on representation in a major way after a few... speed bumps... in the past. Just this past March, I was asking "Where Have All The LGBT Heroes Gone?," but events since then have indicated that representation is once again returning to Marvel and DC. A-Listers like Iceman and Catwoman have come out as gay and bisexual, respectively, and DC has launched queer-led series like "Constantine: The Hellblazer" and "Midnighter." "Secret Wars" series "A-Force," "E Is For Extinction," "Runaways" and "Where Monsters Dwell" also feature LGBT characters. Marvel and DC have come a long way over the past few decades, and you can no longer count the out LGBT characters on one hand.

To celebrate a Pride Month for the history books, we've compiled a massive -- but still nowhere near comprehensive -- list of the LGBT heroes, villains, allies and civilians that populate the pages of Marvel and DC Comics.

1-2. Wiccan & Hulkling (Marvel)

3-4. Mystique & Destiny (Marvel)

5-6. Kyle Jinadu & Northstar (Marvel)

7-8. Phyla-Vell & Moondragon (Marvel)

9. Starman (Mikaal Tomas) (DC)

10. Maxima (DC)

11. Machinesmith (Marvel)

12. Loki (Marvel)

13. Living Lightning (Marvel)

14-15. Howlett & Hercules (Earth-TRN208) (Marvel)

16-17. Obsidian & Damon Matthews (DC)

18. Prodigy (Marvel)

19. Pied Piper (DC)

20. Victoria Hand (Marvel)

21. Striker (Marvel)

22. Union Jack (Brian Falsworth) (Marvel)

23. Tong (Marvel)

24-25. Shrinking Violet & Lightning Lass (DC)

26-27. Scandal Savage & Knockout (DC)

28-29. Shatterstar & Rictor (Marvel)

30. Renee Montoya (DC)

31. Rainmaker (DC)

32. Karma (Marvel)

33-34. Xavin & Karolina Dean (Marvel)

35. Julie Power (Marvel)

36. Coagula (DC)

37. Bunker (DC)

38. Catman (DC)

39. Bling! (Marvel)

40-41. Apollo & Midnighter (DC)

42-43. Maggie Sawyer & Batwoman (DC)

44. America Chavez (Marvel)

45. Anole (Marvel)

46. Green Lantern (Earth-2; Alan Scott) (DC)

47. Daken (Marvel)

48. Cullen Bloodstone (Marvel)

49. Destroyer (Marvel)

50. Jessica Drew (Ultimate) (Marvel)

51. Jackpot (Marvel)

52. Inertia (Marvel)

53. Iceman (Marvel)

54. Icemaiden (DC)

55. Catwoman (Holly Robinson) (DC)

56-57. Gravity Kid & Power Boy (DC)

58-59. Grace & Thunder (DC)

60-61. Catwoman (Eiko Hasigawa) & Selina Kyle (DC)

62. Alysia Yeoh (DC)

63. Colossus (Ultimate) (Marvel)

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