Celebrate Presidents Day with Van Lente & Dunlavey's Take on Thomas Jefferson

It's Presidents Day, and to mark the occasion CBR turned to the experts: Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, the team behind the "Action Presidents" series -- digital comic biographies of America's heads of state that uses, in Van Lente's words, "humor and comics to cut through bullshit."

In honor of the holiday, CBR presents -- courtesy of the Evil Tiwn Comics duo -- a complete 10-page story starring Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and principal writer of the Declaration of Independence. The story originally appeared in Van Lente and Dunlavey's previous series "Action Philosophers," and will be reworked into the upcoming "Action Presidents" #3.

But unlike two-term prez TJ, this won't be sticking around long -- it'll be available to read here in full for a week, so brush up on Jefferson's complicated legacy while you can.

UPDATE: While the full story is no longer up, the first five pages remains!

"Action Presidents" #1 is available on comiXology; a 10th anniversary "Action Philosophers" collection will be released by Dark Horse Comics later this year.

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