Celebrate Jack Kirby's 99th Birthday With 99 Amazing Images

August 28 marks the birth of comics legend Jack Kirby, and this year makes 99 years since the master of massive, mind-bending comic imagery arrived on this earth. As every year, the comics community comes out to celebrate its "King" with waves of tributes. You can follow the work of numerous artists on Twitter who are honoring Kirby with a #WakeUpAndDraw event to put a Kirby character to pencil first thing in the morning, as one example.

Here at CBR, we're taking a page from our peer Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter and sharing a gallery of 99 images created by King Kirby over his many decades making comics. From the core pantheon of the Marvel Universe to the unmistakable cosmic might of DC's Fourth World and from romance to horror to war comics and back again, no one drew as many pages, created as many characters or left as big an impact as Jack Kirby. Nearly a century later, we will still never see his like again.


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