Celebrate Batman Day with These Unique Ideas

Happy Batman Day! Now that the big day has officially arrived, it's time to celebrate the Dark Knight the best way we know how: Bat-style. Whether your plans include re-watching Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, popping on some classic Adam West "Batman" or patrolling the streets to exact justice, we have plenty of wacky ideas for all you Bat-lovers to try out.

Take, for instance, Bat-Meatloaf. Bat-Meatloaf has what it takes to give you the energy you need to fight crime on the mean streets of -- well, wherever it is you protect. If you don't want something quite so heavy, give this Bat-Bento Box recipe a shot. Not a meat-lover? That's okay! We have some vegetarian options as well. Try out some Bat-Sushi: dark, delicious and filled with everything you need to pack a punch later on.

Chase down your hearty Bat-meal with a few Bat-inspired drinks, like the Bruce Wayne (4½ oz. black iced coffee, 2 oz bourbon, ¼-½ oz. maple syrup) or the Joker (3 oz. grape Jolly Rancher-infused vodka, ¼ oz. lime juice, Seltzer). Add in a few Bat-Ice Cubes and you should be good to go!

Why not follow up the main course with some Bat-Cake or a few Bat-Cupcakes? If you're not a baker, you could use your detective skills to track down some Bat-Ice Cream. Every hero should have their just desserts, and you're no exception. A little sugar can go a long way when you're up all night, striking fear into the hearts of evildoers. Before you bring justice to your kitchen, though, make sure you don your Bat-apron so you don't get anything on your Bat-suit.

If you have a Bruce Wayne-sized fortune, make sure your ride's tricked out or maybe put in to purchase your very own Batmobile. Unfortunately, we can't all be billionaires, but everyone can show off their Bat-pride with some Bat-Accessories for your own set of wheels. Take a spin around town and let everyone know you're here to save the day.

So relax! Sit back! Wave your Bat-flag and pop in your "Batman: The Animated Series" DVDs! It's time to celebrate, Bat-style.

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