Celebrate 'Ant-Man' with appropriately sized menus, photos at Alamo Drafthouse

While multitudes of moviegoers will flock to theaters this weekend in order to take in Marvel Studios' latest release, as best as I can tell, only those attending a showing at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX will get the full "Ant-Man" experience.

Alamo is more than a movie theater; it's a full-fledged restaurant, where patrons eat and drink while enjoying a night at the movies. For "Ant-Man," Alamo has replaced its usual menus with special theme-sized copies, complete with a magnifying glass.

The @drafthouse has a special ANT-MAN menu.

It comes with a magnifying glass. pic.twitter.com/cxYS7CvHeJ

— Robert Rath (@RobWritesPulp) July 17, 2015

Another bonus to seeing Paul Rudd suit up and shrink at the Drafthouse is the photo-op set-up the theater has created. Before or after taking in the flick, you can pretend you share Scott Lang's size-changing abilities and have your photo taken in their special lobby display, a throwback to the cover of "Marvel Premiere" #37, starring the Astonishing Ant-Man.

#AlamoAntman at Slaughter Lane! pic.twitter.com/Et1YlA2Z9n

— John W. Smith (@JohnWSmith) July 17, 2015

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