Celebrate a Decade of "Desperadoes" with "Buffalo Dreams"

Official Press Release

Douglas, AZ --In September, 1997, an unexpected comic book launched from Jim Lee's creator-owned imprint Homage Comics-Desperadoes, a horror/Western series written by Jeff Mariotte, who worked as Lee's Vice President of Marketing, and illustrated by John Cassaday, who was doing his first mainstream comics work.

Desperadoes celebrates its tenth anniversary in September 2007 with a special trade paperback release of its latest miniseries, Buffalo Dreams, from IDW Publishing, with art by Alberto Dose.

In the decade between these launches, there have been five Desperadoes stories, each collected in trade paperback. The second was the one-shot Epidemic!, illustrated by John Lucas. Living legend John Severin contributed the art for Quiet of the Grave, which was nominated for both the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild Award. The series moved to IDW with Banners of Gold, drawn by Jeremy Haun. Buffalo Dreams is the most recent miniseries.

Desperadoes has earned praise from comics professionals, fans, and reviewers alike. Ain't It Cool News.com said, “Jeff Mariotte's Desperadoes was one of my favorite reoccurring miniseries of the 90's. According to Comics International, “Jeff Mariotte continues to gently subvert the usual expectations of the cowboy genre with his hints of darker horror and mystery in this series. And Scoop, the news service of Diamond Galleries, called Buffalo Dreams “an outstanding concoction.

“I could never have guessed how much Desperadoes would change my life, Mariotte said. “It's been accepted by the Western writing community and earned me a membership in the Western Writers of America, as well as gaining fans in the horror community and the comics community. It might even be responsible for me moving to my ranch in rural Arizona, near where Quiet of the Grave and Banners of Gold were set, which felt like coming home.

Since that initial miniseries, collected as A Moment's Sunlight, Mariotte has been a senior editor for DC Comics/WildStorm, editor-in-chief of IDW Publishing, and is now a successful, sought-after freelance writer. His most recent novel is the supernatural thriller Missing White Girl, and he has several comics projects in the works at different publishers. John Cassaday has become the most celebrated artist in the business, recently working on Planetary with Warren Ellis and Astonishing X-Men with Joss Whedon.

The Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams trade paperback will include a special afterword by Mariotte reflecting on the series' past decade, a retrospective of art from the previous minis, a special pin-up by Shannon Denton, and more. Listed in the July Diamond Previews for products shipping in September, it carries a cover price of $17.99.

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