Celebrate 75 Years of The Joker's Battle with Batman in CBR's New Infographic

When it comes to comic book villains, you'd be hard pressed to come up with a bad guy more diabolical and maniacal than DC Comics' Joker. After tormenting Batman for 75 years, the Clown Prince of Crime has amassed a criminal resume that puts him up there with the greatest ne'er-do-wells in all off fiction, regardless of genre or medium.

Appearing just under a year after the Caped Crusader first swung through Gotham's skyline, one could view the Joker as the balancing force needed to counteract Batman's sense of justice. Order and chaos, good and evil -- the Joker stands as more than just another face in Batman's rogues gallery; he's the hero's thematic opposite in virtually every way.

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Because of his importance to the Bat-mythos, the Joker has appeared in an abundance of movies, cartoons and comics over the past seven-and-a-half decades. To guide you through the man who laughs' wild history, CBR proudly presents our 75 Years of the Joker infographic, detailing 20 of the villain's most iconic looks and some interesting facts about the character as compiled by Brian Cronin, Brett White and Stephen Gerding.

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