CCI Xtra: The Kevin Smith Q&A Video

For the first time in CBR's history, we provided you video footage from a variety of panels at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It was a bit of an experiment, but one we think ultimately turned out quite nicely. Mike Harring of Los Angeles handled all the videography, editing and encoding for CBR (with a thanks to Jacob Riskin who provided technical assistance) and we think it turned out aces.

Our last bit of video comes from the Kevin Smith Q&A, which started late due to the fact Smith was stuck in traffic from LA to San Diego. But fear not, Smith was his usual fun self, entertaining the crowd in a lively Q&A. As you might expect, the Q&A is for adults only.

We've cut the panel into five bite sized chunks approximately 20 megs in size. You'll need Apple's Quicktime player to view these files. Simply click on each image to download the file.

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