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CCI Xtra: The Final CCI 2006 CBR Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI Xtra: The Final CCI 2006 CBR Photo Parade

We’re finally bringing our extensive coverage of Comic-Con International in San Diego last week to a close with the final Comic-Con International CBR Photo Parade, 2006. I’ve been doing Photo Parades for, wow, I think seven or eight years now and they have quickly become one of the most popular features during any convention. The mix of creators, event photos and costumed folk seems to be a real hit with our readers, so this year I asked some of the CBR Crew at San Diego to snap photos and send them my way for inclusion in a final photo parade. It’s impossible for me to catch every costumed attendee or creator in attendance, so why not let someone else lend a hand? Below we present a sampling of some of those shots with commentary by little ol’ me.

First up, a handful of fun costumed folk taken by Jeremy Goldstone.

Great Green Lantern costume, but S-Dude, baby blue? Baby blue? That’s not cool. I love when the little ones get involved. Even the most non-emotional of you out there can’t help but say, “Ahhhhhhhh!”
Cool Hawkman, dude. Cool … uhhh … words lost. Words are gone. They are not here anymore. There are no words.
Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire have got to be proud. Clearly Scooby has gone missing…again!
The Zelda mask is kinda freaking me out. I love this couple — they’ve taken some old Star Wars bed sheets and turned them into clothes.
Check out this ink. I was really quite sad I never saw this guy myself. It’s not a Comic-Con without him.
My first question was why is Dr. Strange throwing signs? Then I noticed the dude holding him up and suddenly it all made sense. We all have to thank George Lucas for the Leia Slave Girl outfit. Everybody, on 3. 1 … 2 … 3 … Thank you, Unka George. OK, now about those last three movies …
Little Tank Girl action. “Hey Spectre? This is Hal Jordan. Look, I want back in the Spectre game, man. This whole Green Lantern thing ain’t working out.”
You have to wonder how Roger Rabbit ever got any work done. Jeeze. Oh, like it’s not totally obvious Thor could kick Robin’s butt!

The following set of photos were taken by Pinguino.

Considering I have no idea how old these girls are, I think it best if I simply don’t comment and move on to the next photo. Bob Burden signs a “Gumby” comic for a young fan.

Now here we have a situation where there are simply too many jokes to be made. So many that it’s not really worth making any cracks. Yeah, I could and I sorta want to, but we got plenty of other people to mock below. James Kochalka
Marv Wolfman and Kurt Busiek Jeff Parker and Leornard Kirk
“Wonderland’s” Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew. Note the fan with the light sabre on his hip. Don’t leave without it. Oh, and there’s a cape, too. “Gargoyles” creator Greg Weisman and “Gargoyles” comic artist David Hedgecock
George Perez sketches for a fan. Rafael Navarro
Spidey wants YOU! Love this photo. This kid is awesome. Jim Mahfood checking to make sure Spidey isn’t pointing at him.
Rob Liefeld Brian Posehn
Brandon Peterson I don’t quite know, but pretty cool makeup.
Bernie Wrightson Can I get another “Ahhhhhh” from the audience?
Mark Texeira Rick Remender
Paul Jenkins signs a baseball glove for a fan. There are plenty of inappropriate comments I could make right now, but considering she’s holding a gun and I’m afraid of bullets, I’ll be nice and simply say sweet costume, ma’am.
Gail Simone sketches. Mark Buckingham
Mark Page Pirate & Son

Now how did this photo happen to get in here again? What are these chicks? Goth/Elfish Josie and the Pussycats? You can’t see it in the thumbnail, but in the blow-up you can see there’s a jackass making bunny ears behind the red haired Klingon chick. Apaprently he thought it would be funny. He was right — it is funny!
Stan Lee Tyler Mane
Arthur Suydam having some fun. Artist Simone Bianchi

Woah. Woah.



Wait, I thought of a good joke! I got one!

I got one!

No. Nope, it’s just too easy.

Thanks, everybody! We’ll see you at Comic-Con International in 2007!

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