CCI XTRA: "Stargate: SG1: The Movie"

Thousands of sci-fi fans gathered to see the cast and crew of the upcoming movie, Stargate: The Arc of Truth at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday. Hosted by Gary Jones, who plays Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman, the panel introduced Martin Something, Ben Browder (Cameron Mitchell), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal'c), and executive producer/director Robert Cooper for the hour-long Q&A session.

Before the questions began, the panel-goers were privy to an exclusive clip show of episodes from the last ten years of the television series and new footage from the upcoming direct-to-video movie.

The first question of the day was directed towards Christopher Judge, as one fan wanted to know what other projects he's begun work on since the cancellation of the television show. According to the internet… Judge joked, before giving his answer. 'Rage of Angels,' I can report, is a go with MGM.

Amanda Tapping's future projects were also touched upon when one fan asked about something she is doing on the internet. We don't even have to say anything to that, do we? Jones said. That joke just wrote itself. Tapping actually is working on a web-based project called SanctuaryForAll.com.

Ben Browder didn't escape questions about non-Stargate related projects, either. Browder said he might possibly be involved with the upcoming Farscape web series. Otherwise, he's working on a six-episode miniseries called Going Homer.

After the career questions were out of the way, one Stargate fan made his way to the microphone with a strong desire to sing for the cast and crew. After several requests, Tapping asked to hear it and Jones gave the boy his blessing.

Go ahead, Captain Death Wish, Jones said.

After the impromptu performance, Judge, Tapping, and Browder did their own "American Idol" impersonations, congratulating the boy for his bravery.

When asked about their relationship with the real Air Force, Cooper had a lot to say on the subject. We've had a relationship with the Air Force since the beginning on 'SG-1," Cooper said, listing off all of the equipment and personnel that have been provided, including two Chiefs of Staff playing themselves.

It's funny because we have this sort of mutual admiration when we get together, Cooper continued, referring to one incident where he was taken up in a jet by an Air Force pilot. The pilot exclaimed how cool it was that he produced Stargate and Cooper responded with, You guys fly airplanes, that's way cooler!

Martin also shared a story about the real Cheyenne Mountain, where he was taken inside and shown a door with a large digital combination lock labeled 'Stargate Command. When asked what was behind the door, the soldier said, Brooms… and a little bit of detergent. You wouldn't believe how many people come out on tour and look for that door though.

The Q&A session moved on to the subject of shooting in the Arctic, where Browder and Tapping told stories of making snow angels as helicopters flew overhead and trying to shoot while walking on a few feet of cracking ice with freezing water below.

Not once did I ever hear, 'I'm cold,' Martin said.

I thought it! Browder added.

Judge was absent from the Arctic shoot after being told about the dangers of polar bears, although he Judge denied having an aversion to bears themselves. No, no, no, I have an aversion to being eaten by a bear, Judge said.

Judge later told how he did some shooting on the side of a mountain, uncomfortably close to the helicopter filming him.

The panel ended with several failed phone attempts by Judge to contact Michael Shanks in order to ask him if his character would die for a sixth time in the upcoming film. In between attempts, Cooper confirmed that there is a third Stargate series in the works.

I believe it's called 'Stargate CSI', Cooper joked.

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