CCI XTRA: Rude & Baron Talk Their "Nexus" Journey

Comics legend Steve Rude and the rest of Rude Dude Productions talked "Nexus" and the trials involved in continuing the venerable series with their own publishing company at Comic-Con International in San Diego this past Saturday.

"We're the nucleus of the surviving age of the '80s," said Rude before introducing the rest of the Rude Dude family to the audience. Appearing at the panel were inker Gary Martin, letterer Todd Klein, writer Mike Baron, and Rude's wife and business partner, Jaynelle Rude.

Rude began the panel with a bit of history behind the origins of Rude Dude Productions. Wanting to continue a comic with his character, "The Moth" after Dark Horse dropped cancelled it, Rude looked to take the property to another company, but to no avail.

"None of the deals were quite right and we'd have to do all the work anyways," Jaynelle Rude told the audience.

So, after being unable to find a home for the property, the Rudes decided to continue with "The Moth" on their own and created Rude Dude Productions to do it.

"It just kind of happened. It happened so fast," Steve Rude said. "Like, within a month we were up and running."

Currently putting out three books, Rude enjoys the freedom and responsibility that self-publishing provides. "I quite like the responsibility of knowing what's being done to promote the stuff," Rude said. "I've got three books to look after and it's going to stay three books. It's going to stay simple like that."

Moving on to the topic of the day, Rude talked about the recently revived "Nexus" and the creative issues that came up when trying to revive a story that was on hold for a decade. "We left a woman pregnant and she stayed pregnant for ten years," Rude said.

"My original idea as to start the book ten years later," said Mike Baron.

Rude disagreed and together they decided that they couldn't cheat fans of the birth. Rude and Baron explained that the different priorities they have concerning storytelling provide a great creative environment.

One aspect of Baron's influence that wasn't debated was the inevitability of a cameo appearance by Baron's character the Badger. "We decided long ago that there would be one more Badger moment in 'Nexus,'" Rude said. "There will be a return of the Badger and whenever that happens it's going to be fun to draw."

Rude then shared with the audience the project he described as a "testament to what someone can do when they're obsessed." The two minute feature, "Nexus: The Animated Promo." The film was created by volunteer animators whom, Rude said, quickly got bored with the project and moved on to something else.

"I couldn't get bored and I couldn't move on," Rude said.

Showing a great love for their work, the Rude Dude family said that they would continue making comics for as long as they possibly can. "Steve wants to do 'Nexus' till he retires, which is never," said Jaynelle Rude.

"As long as we can, you know. As long as the market supports us," Baron added.

Steve Rude has already done what many might have considered impossible by successfully going into self-publishing and avoiding the massive corporate market and is optimistic about his chances in continuing indefinitely.

"There are no rules at Rude Dude. If there are, we'll break them tomorrow," said Rude.

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