CCI XTRA: "Fables" One Page Story

As previously reported here on CBR, "Bill Willingham thought that he'd do something special for the people attending this year's Fables-related panel, and created a one page 'Fables' story 'that will never be seen outside of this room.' Which was amazing ... except that he printed too few. There were approximately 300 pieces printed, and the room was well over the posted seating capacity of 329, with every seat filled and people lined up along three walls. Willingham was overwhelmed by the show of interest in the title. 'We are a frugal and humble people,' Willingham said. 'If you show up next year in a 'I got screwed at last year's Fables panel' t-shirt, I promise you'll get an extra special prize next year!'"

The last four rows of the meeting room missed out on getting one of these special treats -- which Willingham guaranteed will never be included in any collections, TPBs or what have you -- including CBR's reporter, who was posted up on the very back wall with an iBook plugged into an electrical outlet. So after pestering the writer, a beautiful Nigerian woman named Idi offered hers.

"My sister and I will share," she insisted, pulling her long black braided hair loose from the strap on her camera. "We live together and we have lots of one-of-a-kind art items. You should have it."

The sister came over and said, "You're not giving mine away, are you?" Once that was confirmed, and that one day when one of them moved out that they'd settle the question of the art with some sort of fisticuffs.

Overcome by this show of generosity, CBR News thanks Idi, as do fans, who can now enjoy this look at what so many missed in San Diego.

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