CCI Xtra: DCU: One Year Greater & Stan Lee Videos

The video footage keeps coming in from last week's Comic-Con International. Today we're proud to present a clip from the DCU: One Year Greater panel where each of the panelists reveal one secret to come in their books, plus a clip of Stan Lee (including a preview of his appearance in "Spider-Man 3") during the Marvel/Activision panel. Both clips are loads of fun.

Oh, you say, "You have more video footage?" We sure do, there's the Cup O' Joe panel, Marvel's "Civil War" panel and the DC Nation panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. We'll have one more video to share this weekend featuring footage from Kevin Smith's appearance at Comic-Con.

You'll need Apple's QuickTime player for playback, but you probably already have it (we know you like watching trailers online!). As always, extra special thanks to Mike Harring for his incredible work filming and editing these videos together and to Jacob Riskin for assistance with video compression.

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