CCI Xtra: "DC Nation" Panel Video

Last Thursday, DC Comics held their regular DC Nation panel during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Hosted by DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio, the panel gave fans a chance to talk with some of their favorite creators and give feedback on the publisher's current line.

Well, it's one thing to read about it, but it's another thing to be there in person. The fact of the matter is not everyone can attend the panel or make it to the show, so instead we'll bring it to you. CBR News is happy to bring you two videos from the panel which captures the "DC Nation" experience. Both videos require Apple's QuickTime player for playback.

Look for more video from Comic-Con International in San Diego later in the week. As always, extra special thanks to Mike Harring for his incredible work filming and editing these videos together and to Jacob Riskin for help with video compression.

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