CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade - Part 5

You know, I fully intended to have this final CCI photo parade ready to go last Saturday, but sometimes life conspires in magical ways to change all your plans and pretty much screw you all week long! Ugh! Sorry for the delay, but finally, just a day before the next major convention is about to take place, we present the final CBR Photo Parade from Comic-Con International in San Diego. Enjoy!


Photos by Pinguino Kolb
We start out with photos from the X-Men panel held Sunday at Comic-Con.Here we have Chris Yost, Daniel Way & Peter David.
Peter David takes the mic.Mike Carey, March Guggenheim and Craig Kyle.
"Did I leave the iron on?"Andrew Bell ("Creatures in My Head") and Jon Rosenberg ("Goats")
Jeffrey Rowland ("Wigu")I've seen this Alvin guy at Comic-Con every year probably for the last 10 years, but now he's a full fledged Jedi, so, you know, I can't make fun of him anymore.
Dude, you don't have to pick up every free sticker and pin you see at the show.Bumperboy. I'm told it's cool, but I've no idea what it is.
"I am Iron..." Oh, forget it.The SLG booth -- and yes, it is made out of cardboard!
The Best Costume Award for CCI 2007 goes to this woman, who took those ridiculously gigantor "Smallville" bags and created this outstanding garment. Aweesome.This is pretty much what the escalators looked like all weekend long.
"Will you...marry me, Harvey Birdman?" "No."The "Pathology" crew - Lauren Lee Smith, Johnny Whitworth, Marc Schoelermann (director), fan, Milo Ventimiglia, Mark Neveldine (writer), fan, Brian Taylor (writer), Michael Weston, bottom row: bunch of fans.
Lauren Lee SmithMark Neveldine
Michael WestonMark Neveldine, Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren Lee Smith and Michael Weston
"I've got Greedo in my sights. Do I take the shot? Do you copy? Do I take the shot?"I don't know, but no way in hell am I messing with this guy.
Paranoia Man? More like "I'm About To Kick You, Man" Man.He who shall not be named AKA some jackass.
I wonder if it spins.The top of the Red Star booth -- tres cool.
Scarecrow, Lil' Catwoman & Red Haired Burglar Mama.I love you, I don't know amd I don't care.
Whose booth might this be?If you're trying to be Leeloo from "The Fifth Element," well, you really should be wearing less clothing. I'm just saying.
Rob Reger ("Emily the Strange" creator)I don't know, but I don't think he's trying to point at a zit..
Steve Lieber. I wonder what book he once worked on.Ken Penders ("Sonic" artist)
Why does a Ghostbuster need elbow pads? Hrmmm?Some crazy-ass Bart's! Pretty cool.
Marc GuggenheimMike Wellman ("Atomic Basement"), Rafael Navarro ("Sonambulo") and friend Cesar.
Photos by Jamie Tarquini
Ladies bearing gifts in the Gas Lamp District.I hope she's bearing gifts! Hi! Let's be friends.
"We found the Arc! We found the Arc! It was in this giant wherehouse! Just sitting there!"Ghetto Optimus Prime.
Lil' Bat-GirlLil' Bat Dude and Dad.
I don't know. Don't care. Really, just go away.Bender!
I do know. I do care. Really, just come over this way.Ohhhhh, Holy Frijole!
Blind Jedi.Elvis Trooper is always welcome in the CBR Photo Parades. Have you noticed how there are very few storm troopers in the photo parade this year? They've been banned!
Good times at Comic-Con!That's actually Jamie's girlfriend in these photos. Here she is posing with a blue screened mamacita! Hola!
I don't know, but Jamie, why didn't you give her my number?Iron Spidey flashing gang signs.
My dream photo parade would be an all Slave Girl Leia photo parade. One day. One day.Artist Jacen Burrows.
Don't get any funny ideas, buddy! I call dibs!Old Ben.
Pirates. Wenches. Comic-Con.Allright, dude, you can have Black Cat. Hellooooooooo Power Girl!
R2 & Friends.The red eyes on Jean Grey are freaking me out, man!
Retro Man. Kinda steampunkish. Cool.No clue.
Gotta loves you some Tank Girl.Something. Who knows. I'm sleepy.
Zombie chicks rule! Although, I hear they're kinda dead in bed.

Thank you! Good night! Don't forget to tip your waitress!

OK, you can stop throwing things at me now.

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