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CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade Part 4

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade Part 4

We’re coming to the end of CBR’s Photo Parades from Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2007 edition. We’ll have one more set of photos to publish tomorrow and then, sadly, we’ll be done.

It’s amazing to think that despite the fact we’ve had multiple people taking photos during the show – and Pinguino seemed to get pretty much everywhere – but even with that large group of photographers on hand, the number of costumes, celebs and creators we missed is numerous. I remember the first time I did one of these photo parades, about 10 years ago now, you could photograph most everyone on the floor without missing too many. But with how Comic-Con has grown, that’ s just impossible. Even then, over the last week we’ve published almost 500 photos from the con and I think we’ve shown you a lot of different sides of the show. I hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoy making them.

Before we let you go, we’ve got more photos from Saturday from the “Heroes” panel and the “Iron Man” armor unveiling with Favreau, Downey, Winston, Granov, Quesada and more. Great stuff.

OK, now on to part 4 with the final part of this five part series to come Saturday afternoon.


CBR Photo Parade #1

CBR Photo Parade #2

CBR Photo Parade #3

Photos by Jacob Riskin
Saturday evening, Andy Khouri’s girlfriend Steph (left) and my long time friend Jacob Riskin’s wife Kimmy (right) came out to the yacht and we had ourselves a little photo shoot.
“It’s hard out here for a commodore.” The ladies sure know how to pretty up a yacht!
Photos by Jonah Weiland
Nat Jones & Jay Fotos of “Death Dealer” fame. Terry Moore of “Strangers in Paradise” and now “Runaways” fame.
CBR Boat Show editor/director Taylor Johns hard at work capturing video (more shows to come soon, promise!) Green samurai?
“Well, Harley, that’s a mighty big mallet you’re holding.” Man, I just love Mystique costumes.
Don’t you point that thing at me! You know, Supes is near indestructible and has about 6 inches on Blade, but I still say Blade could kick his ass.
I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Midnighter before at a con. Mishmash of DC heroes.
The marina cleared out on Friday evening and you could see the CBR Boat banner from dry land. Love that!
Photos by Pinguino Kolb
David Petersen
Pretty cool Beast. Pretty cool White Queen.
John Romita Jr. Dan Slott
Jeff Smith Batton Lash (right)
Love these full-sized Lego Star Wars costumes. Excellent. Wow, one of the best Batgirl costumes I’ve ever seen. Very nicely done.
The crowds as seen from atop the ADV booth. Watch out. This kid will cut you. Kids are hard core these days.
A bunch o’ peoples in the costumes. Michelle Ryans (“Bionic Woman”)
Thank God Harrison Ford’s elder Indy doesn’t look like this guy. Hugh Sterbakov
Jeffrey Brown This kid’s C3P0 head is larger than the rest of him.
Member’s of the 501st taking a break from their ‘troopin. Craig Kyle, his lovely wife and baby (not pictured)
Dan Slott at the Spider-Man panel The new “Amazing Spider-Man” team – (L – R) Stephen Wacker, Dan Slott, Zeb Wells, Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim, Phil Jimenez, Jim McCann and Joe Quesada.
Marc Guggenheim & Phil Jimenez Marc Guggenheim
Joe Quesada, who’s apparently trying to get the attention of his teacher. Stephen Wacker, Dan Slott & Zeb Wells
Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim, Phil Jimenez and Jim McCann Again, the Spider-Man panelists.
Blue chicks rule. I should get that as a bumper sticker. Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker (“Sarah Conner Chronicles”)
Lena Headey Headey & Dekker
Richard T. Jones and Summer Glau (“Sarah Conner Chronicles”) Summer Glau
Jones & Glau Justin Hartley (Green Arrow – “Smallville”)
John Worth (Exec Producer) & Josh Friedman (Exec Producer) – “Sarah Conner Chronicles” James Middleton (Exec Producer) – “Sarah Conner Chronicles”
John Worth David Nutter (Exec Producer) – “Sarah Conner Chronicles”
I love this picutre. I couldn’t think of a good enough caption for it, so we’ll let it speak for itself. “Boo!”
What’s all this I hear about “Watchmen?” Gold Bikini Leia Action — how her top is staying on, I don’t know.
Perfect costumes. Excellent stuff. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige
I don’t know. I have my concerns. Simone Bianchi
My good friend Emiliano Limon helped us out a lot this past weekend. Here he is Sunday night enjoying a Cuban on the front deck of the yacht. Fireworks over the bay. A nice way to end the evening.
OK, these shirts kick CBR’s “Comics Don’t Suck” shirts easy. Damn.

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