CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade #3

Three days, three photo parades! And I've still got about 1400 more photos to go through. CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb went hog wild with the photo taking this year and got some amazing shots. Plus, many of the reporters and contributors to CBR over the con weekend sent in their own shots, so this is easily the biggest and most diverse set of photos we've ever had from comic-con. And based on your feedback, you're all really enjoying it. So, we present part three of the Comic-Con International 2007 CBR Photo Parade! Make with the clicking!


Photos by Jamie Tarquini

(Taken on Preview Night)

Here's a look at the entrance to the con hall before the doors were opened on Preview Night. Crazy!Box Head Dude
Brandon PetersonCatwoman looks like fun. You get a boat pass.
Fabio MoonFrank Cho
Anime Chicks hanging outside the G4 boothThe guy at the travel desk is really enjoying these Ghostbusters for some reason.
Jamie McKelvie & Kieron GillenJim Rugg, with Cecil Castelucci at his left.
Jim Balent and Holly GMatt Wagner
Jamie poses for a picture with Greg HornMichael Golden
Rachel & Terry DodsonRyan Ottley
Good "Shaun of the Dead" costumesNot sure, but no dude is going to mess with these chicks while they're holding those mallets. Characters from the game "Ice Climbers." (Thanks Brian & Howard!)
Steve LieberI realize it's a home made Ultimate Thing costume and you tried hard, but sorry, no good.
Also, again, sorry, but no good.Wait, I take that back -- compared to this guy, those costumes are gold! Didn't I already make fun of poncho guy before?
Photos by Pinguino Kolb

(taken Friday at the con)
The Image Founders Panel -- all seven!Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld and Whilce Portacio
Another view of the Image Founders Panel.BFF!
Marc smiles pretty!Javier Grillo-Marxuach (left) and friends.
Green mushroom thing. Or maybe I'm the one on 'shrooms. Not sure.I'm in looooove.
Not sure, but the full shot is pretty cool.I love the yawning dude behind the Cylon. Must be a fan of the new BSG, not classic.
Crazy ass Joker.Not a clue.
Group shot of nothingness.Peter Segal, Director "Get Smart"
Greg Rucka"I love you. I love you. And, I love you. Do you like yachts? Hello? Where'd you guys go?"
Blow this one up -- not sure what he is. Some kinda pasty white Flava Flav or something.Those "Smallville" bags were crazy big. Oh, there's a costumed person in the picture? How can you tell with that bag boring into my head?
"So, you wanna come back to the bat cave later on? The Bat-Boat kicks the CBR Boat's ass!"Batman and Superman (the one that hangs outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Agngeles) in front of Lego Batman.
Greg Weisman, Victor Cook and Josh Keaton of "Spectacular Spider-Man" the animated series.Pretty good home grown black Spidey.
Simone Bianchi smiles pretty.Jeph Loeb & Simone Bianchi
"Daddy, go faster! Higher! DADDY! COME ON! DAMMIT!"Simon Oliver
Lil' Mario Sistah'sSame guy who was Captain Atom yesterday. Awesome.
No clue.Fernanda Andrade, from the TV Show "Fallen"
Paul Wesley, from the TV Show "Fallen"Love it.
Ed BrubakerSimone Bianchi and Jim McCann singing "Ebony & Ivory" at the Marvel booth?
In case you missed it, the announcement of Simone Bianchi and Warren Ellis on "Astonishing X-Men" happened at the Marvel booth by shaving an X into Simone's hair. Full story of the event is here.
Apparently the stylist doesn't know what a proper X looks like.Klingons -- hey, have you noticed? Not a single Storm Trooper yet. Wonderful!
"Heroes" Writer/Co-Executive Producer Jesse Alexander driving the CBR Yacht.From Left to Right - "Heroes" Writers Aron Coleite, Joe Pokaski and Jesse Alexander kicking it on the CBR Yacht. Look for a full interview with the guys shortly on CBR.
I couldn't help but include another photo of our main set for the CBR Boat Show. It's just too much fun.Some great costumes here.
Blade and Gotee dude.Love it!
Love it even more (ya needs to click on this one)John Cassaday
It really looks like Robin snuck into this shot at the last minute. Boy Wonder, indeed."All Flash"
Don't know, but it's scaring the crap outta me.Awesome. Some of the best all weekend.
You gotta love these Darth Vader masks.Close-ups.
Another close-up.Chick-2-D-2
Crap -- Stormtroopers! But these are the speeder ones, so they're OK.Check out these crazy crowds in the Gaslamp District. The city REALLY needs to pony up for a walkway that takes folks over the traffic.
More of the crowds with the con center in the background.Here's more crowds with Petco Park in the background.
Some cool "Blade Runner" stuff here.
From the "300" DVD event - SPARTANNNNNNNNN!This is a good action shot of a SPARTANNNNNNNN!
Actor James Hong.
Great shot of Frank Miller"300" Producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnarri
"300" Director Zach Snyder and "300" Producer Debbie Snyder.Andrew Tiernan
Tom WisdomTracy Scoggins, "Babylon 5"
Bruce Boxleitner, Peter Woodward, Doug Netter, Tracy Scoggins, Sara Barnes & J. Michael Straczynski

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