CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade #2

The photos from Comic-Con keep coming in. It looks like I've gone through about 600 today and have another 2000+ to go through before weeks end. What the means is for those of you who enjoy these here CBR Photo Parades, we have plenty for you to check out this week. We'll have at least five photo parades, if not a bonus one or two to go.

I spoke with some of CBR's staff today that attended Comic-Con this past weekend and it seems we're all in the same boat -- the boat of exhaustion. This year I wasn't as physically exhausted as in years before -- a combination of more time spent on the boat and being in better shape helped there -- but the mental exhaustion is still pretty huge. If there was a way I could convince the comics industry to all take a vacation the week after San Diego, I'd do it. Oh how nice that would be.

There is one weird lingering effect from Comic-Con this year. For those of us who lived on the CBR Yacht, we all feel like the world is still moving as though we're still sitting in the water. It's a very odd feeling sitting here in my office and feeling subtle movement that isn't actually happening. Hopefully I get my land legs back soon.

Alright, on to part two of the 2007 Comic-Con International in San Diego CBR Photo Parade. Part 1 is here.

Photos by George Tramountanas
Dwight T. Albatross and Eric PowellShannon Wheeler
Girls & CorpsesLarry Young and the AIT PlanetLar troops
The DC Comics Booth
Action figures seen in the DC Comics Booth.
More action figures seen in the DC Comics Booth.
Even more action figures seen in the DC Comics Booth.
Jim Lee signs at the DC booth.Christos Gage.
Gabe and Tycho ("Penny Arcade")David Petersen ("Mouseguard")
Another look at the Stark Industries Mystery Box at the Marvel Booth.The classic Batmobile.
Another look.Speed Racer
Car from "Death Sentence"Stan Sakai
Photos by Pinguino Kolb
Noel Clarke & Chris Chibnall, writers on the "Dr. Who" spinoff series "Torchwood," come out to the CBR Yacht for an interview (coming early next week)This is what we called the "editing & WiFi" bay on the yacht.
A look at the "bridge set" for the CBR boat show and some of the crap we picked up in Tijuana.A close-up of some of those sculptures. Amazing what a $50 set design budget can get you.
The CBR Yacht.Gerry Dugan and Phil Noto stopped by the CBR Boat Show to discuss their upcoming Image series "Infinite Horizon" (interview coming shortly).
This is the line on the Marina side of the convention center Thursday morning. Talk about literally wrapping around the building.Two western lawmen. Don't mess with them. They will kill you with their stare.
Some pretty cool work on the back of this jacket.Arigato!
Spectre KingMassive crowd waiting to get into Hall H Thursday morning.
I don't know what this is, but it's rather perverted.Blue Robot Thing Gigantor! Naturally.
Why is everyone giving us the fingers this weekend? Jeeze.Charlie Knauff
Essad RibicReilly Brown
Essad, Reilly & Charlie sign at the Marvel booth.Caveman Robot
A wonderful statue at the Weta booth.Panel held in the Tokyopop booth.
Ahhh, slave girl Princess Leia. Every man's favorite.Fantastic Captain Atom costume.
Peace, brutha.Looking good.
I've got no idea, but I wouldn't fuck with it.Tumbs Up, Banana dude.
Tommy CastilloThe White Queen and Wolverine duke it out.
Emily StrangeDude getting himself made up for the day.
Paul Jenkins smiles pretty.Female Han Solo meets Kill Bill. Interesting
Hogwarts in full effect at Comic-Con.Here's Simone Bianchi at the Palm Restaurant drawing Hulk on th wall.
A closer shot for ya.Leinil Francis Yu prior to getting started on his section of the wall.
Leinil is putting pencil to wall while ...... Simone Bianchi enjoys a flavored martini and ...
... thinks it ain't too shabby!Leinil at work with a camera man getting close up.
More of the Simone's Hulk.Leinil still hard at work.
Leinil keeps plugging away ...... as Simone signs his contribution.
More from the Palm.
Nice shot of a Hulk statue in front of Simone's Hulk.Justin Gabrie, Marvel, Managing Editor
Leinil finishes things up.
Leinil poses with the finished product.The Mondo Marvel panel on Thursday.
Jon Favreau and Adi Granov stop by the Mondo Marvel panel.
More from the Mondo Marvel panel.Adi Granov and Jon Favreau, who're working on an Iron Man series together for Marvel.
Gail Simone at the Thursday DC Panel.Geoff Johns is clearly surprised by something at the Thursday DC Panel.
Sean McKeeverDC Executive Editor Dan DiDio
Michael Siglain & Geoff JohnsEddie Berganza, Sean McKeever and Gail Simone
Now I can finally say it right. "Spartannnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssss!" I love that.Gene Yang
Young Justice?David Finch
"Lost's" Damon Lindeloff & Carlton CuseSave the Cheerleaders, save the worlds?
George Romero hangs with some real zombies at the Avatar/Atomic Comics party.Warren Ellis at the Avatar Party.
"2001 Maniacs" Tim Sullivan and Robert EnglundBrian Pulido (center) and Mike Malve of Atomic Comics, co-host of the party.
Brian Pulido (center) and Mike Malve of Atomic Comics, co-host of the party.Tim Sullivan with Dee Snyder
Warren Ellis and that's CBR's own Steven Grant in the upper right.William Christensen and Steven Grant
Christensen and Radical Comics' Dave Elliott.James Kyson Lee (Ando) from "Heroes"
After the Hero Initiative softball game, which saw Marvel beat DC Comics a second year in a row, the winners and losers enjoy a sip from the Stan Lee cup.

You've not seen anyything yet. Two photo parades down, three more to go!

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