CCI XTRA: CBR Photo Parade #1

It's the Monday following Comic-Con and I'm exhausted. More than likely there are 125,000+ truly exhausted people this day. Comic-Con is always a lot of fun, but there's also all the work and the pre-requisite drinking that goes along with it, which means after 4.5 days in San Diego you have a week long Con hangover. Ultimately it's worth it, but man am I tired today.

This year was a very different experience for me. In addition to managing a large group of reporters and editors, I was conducting interviews all weekend long on our yacht, as part of the CBR Boat Show. Thus far we've posted interviews with Paul Dini, Jane Wiedlin, as well as a really fun tour of the yacht. We've got plenty more to post in the coming weeks, including interviews with Michael Turner, the "Amazing Spider-Man" creative team, Seth Green & Hugh Sterbakov, Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard, Simone Bianchi and many more. But all those interviews and all that work meant the CBR Photo Parades we usually post during the show had to wait until after the show was over.

We now present the first of what will be at least four CBR Photo Parades featuring images from Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2007. This set of photos are primarily from preview night, with a few from Thursday and Friday at and around the show.

Much more tomorrow -- we're just getting started!

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