CCI: "Watchmen" Panel Gallery

Saturday afternoon, Comic Book Reosurces brought you live coverage of the "Wacthmen" panel, the most highly anticipated panel of Comic-Con International in San Diego. Director Zack Snyder, artist Dave Gibbons and the cast wowed eager fans who waited in line since very early in the morning -- CBR's own intrepid reporters were in line at 7:30 in the morning -- eager to get the first details straight from the film makers about one of the most anticipated comic book adaptations ever.

Now we're happy to bring you a gallery of photos of those on the panel, including some rather humorous photos of some of the folks who asked questions of the panelists, including Rorschach, the Joker and the Batman.

Robert Pattinson Batman
Batman: Edgar Wright Reacts to Robert Pattinson's Reported Casting

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