CCI: Vertigo, Over the Ledge

Rock and roll, a return to the House of Mystery, John Constantine goes to Iraq and more were on the agenda at Friday's DC/Vertigo Looking Over the Ledge panel Friday afternoon.

Line editor Karen Berger announced DC/Vertigo is working with Neil Young on a graphic novel based on his concept album "Greendale." Josh Dysart will be handling writing duties and Sean Murphy on art. Berger said Young has a keen interest in graphic novels and a great interest in working with Vertigo in particular.

Matt Wagner talked about the forthcoming "Madame Xanadu" monthly series. Wagner is signed for 10 issues and calls it "a more feminine story" and a gothic romance. The book is currently scheduled for March 2008.

Berger briefly spoke about "Vinyl Underground," from Si Spencer, calling it "yet another great book about England."

John Whalen spoke of "Un-Men," a new series concerning characters from "Swamp Thing." The book concerns a second generation of Un-Men living on a reservation turned, as he says a "Vegas/Disneyland/Mutant Central." Berger calls it a "freak-noir."

In the new "House of Mystery" series, patrons of Cain's stolen home, now a bar, must "tell a story to pay the tab." Matt Sturges writes with Luca Rossi on art. Bill Willingham of "Fables" will be contributing to the story-within-the-story payment sections. Sturges says, "Luca Rossi is one of the most talent artists we have ever seen."

"Hellblazer: Pandemonium" finds John Constantine in Iraq at the behest of Her Majesty's Government looking for a supernatural presence. Jaime Delano returns to the writer's chair in this original graphic novel which Berger calls "politically powerful" and features art from Jock. It's due next November.

"Unknown Soldier" is written by Josh Dysart, who went to Uganda to research the situation regarding the 20 year old conflict in that country. He called it "the least reported humanitarian conflict in the world," and the perfect place for an unknown soldier.

Ron Wimbley spoke briefly about "Sentences," the memoir of MF Grimm, a former Sesame Street actor who became a DJ and witnessed the birth of hip-hop. He called it "a very human story." Percy Carey writes the true life story. The book is due out next year.

During the Q&A session at the end of the panel, Berger revealed she has read the "Preacher" television series bible and pilot script, says both are good. She also said Garth Ennis is heavily involved with development of the series.

Wagner mentioned "Grendel" is in development at Warner Bros. Though previous reports mentioned the film would be based on the Christine Spar story, Wagner said it will now feature a Hunter Rose story.

When asked if the current series have finite runs, Brian Wood revealed "DMZ" is a five-to-six year long book.

Asked about the cancellation of "Testament," Berger said writer Douglas Rushkoff is working on a new series.

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