CCI: Tim Kring "Shifts" From TV To Novels

Actor Zachary Quinto introduced "Heroes" creator, Tim Kring, to a room full of fans hoping for news about the fate of the cancelled show's future, but Kring did not have any immediate answers.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any news for you. We are still talking about it with NBC."

He explained that the focus of the network is currently on the fall schedule about to launch, but he promised, "When there is something to announce, I will make it known."

"I think the panel is aptly named, 'SHIFTing Gears,' because you're really especially moving into some new territory media-wise," Quinto said.

"With 'Heroes,' we built this sort of three-sixty platform that allowed us to tell story across multiple platforms."

To illustrate this point of a trans-media approach, Kring introduced a video trailer for his new novel, "Shift," the story of a man whose life is changed forever when he becomes the victim of a CIA mind control experiment.

Kring had not been thinking about writing a book back 2008, when "Shift" began to take form, but when the writer's strike hit Hollywood, he suddenly found himself with a lot of time on his hands.

When an idea about the clandestine CIA drug experiments conducted during the Cold War took root, Kring asked his agent for advice on putting together a book proposal, but ultimately found the format to be boring.

Instead, Kring began thinking of ways to use some of the multi-platform media ideas he had employed while working on "Heroes" for his novel. Kring asked an Internet designer to create a specialized web proposal that, in keeping with the overall theme of the book, would read like a series of redacted government files.

"After the years of doing what I do for a living, I think in very filmic terms; in terms of scenes," Kring explained.

So, he was introduced to prose writer, Dale Peck, though his agent, and together, the two writers began working on a historical thriller that will end up becoming a trilogy known as the "Gate of Orpheus."

However, even though the book deals heavily with the assassination of President Kennedy, it does not seek to change historical events. "We are not really altering the outcome of anything at all. We are telling a story that runs kind of tangentially, or inside of the history."

"Shift" will officially be available for purchase August 10th from Crown Publishing Group.

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