CCI: Thursday Photo Parade

Yesterday we gave you a look at photos taken by CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb on Preview Night of Comic-Con International 2008. Today we bring you her Thursday photos (with sometimes snarky commentary by Jonah Weiland) which include shots of comics' best creators, big Hollywood stars and some variously awesome and seriously questionable cosplayers. Oh, and a jackass stormtrooper or three.

(BTW, if you know who some of the uncaptioned folks are, drop us an e-mail at the contact form above.)

Stromtrooper bastards harassing some kid cuz they "heard" he had Jedi ties. More like Jerktroopers.Joshua Hale Fialkov
"I Shoulda Eaten A Salad" Gambit and "My Visor Sucks" Cyclops"Freaked Out" Batman and "I'm wearing orange because I'm in Jail!" Poison Ivy (I like Jail Garb Poison Ivy better than the yucky green).
Lark Pien ("Long Tailed Kitty")Jose Cabrera ("Crying Macho Man")
Keith Knight ('The K Chronicles")Steve Troop ("Melonpool")
David Willis ("Shortpacked")The "Greatest American Hero" cast, back together again!
William KattBelieve it or not it's Robert Culp, William Katt and Connie Seleca
There's no rest for Tommy Lee Edwards, one of my favorite artists.Bender enjoys a stogie.
Michael GreenAllison Miller
Christopher EganSebastian Stan
Cosplayer mayhem.Shot from the "Doctor Who" Panel
Geoff Johns with head fingers.Renato Guedes
Joe PradoMatt Idelson
Geoff snuck in for another shot.Sterling Gates
Renato GuedesJames Robinson
The full Superman panel.Aligator. Hungry.
Something.Love that Scarecrow.
Wee-Joker.Matt Busch
The Question, with a face only a mother could love.Make stupid faces to the CBR cameras, there's a good chance you'll be mocked. You've been warned.
Fantastic. Favorite of the Thursday photos.The Marvel X-Men Panel
Matt Fraction looks intense.Nick Lowe ponders the universe.
Matt Fraction asks, "What the fuck?" (OK, he didn't really, but it looks like that.)Daniel Way speaks.
Jason AaronC.B. Cebulski
Marjorie Liu
Javier Grillo-Marxauch and Matt KesslarExcellent. Excellent. Excellent.
Ethan NicolleDerek Hunter ("Pirate Club")
Tim Bradstreet"Punisher: War Zone's" Ray Stevenson
"Punisher: War Zone's" Ray StevensonI would join the Dharma Initiative if they were part of the initiation.
Lionsgate brought a city thats screams with them while ...... the WB provided water supplies.
J.J. Abrams' Bad RobotUgly Dolls don't get any less ugly the bigger they get.
Geeks. Nerds. Gerds. Neeks.Another Marvel panel. I think.
Greg PakKevin Grevioux
Mark Paniccia"Red Sonja's" Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan "Rose, over here! Hello! Over here! Come one! Look at me!"
Writer David WhiteDirector Douglas Aarniokoski
Lucy Lawless and Pia GuerraLucy Lawless
Jamie KingDavid White and Douglas Aarniokoski
"Rose, I'm over here! Hello! HELLLOOOOO!"DC Nation Panel
Batwoman is ready to take Greg Rucka down should he get out of hand.Ethan Van Sciver, Geoff Johns and Keith Giffen
Dan DidioPanelists, start your engines.
Jann JonesReally like this shot.

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