CCI: The X-Men Panel

Marvel held its X-Men panel Thursday afternoon at Comic Con International in San Diego, and CBR was there for all the news and X-Announcements you can handle!

On hand for the panel are C.B. Cebulski, Jason Aaron, Daniel Way, Matt Fraction, Craig Kyle, Nick Lowe, and Marjorie Liu. Axel Alonso was stuck in New York, while Chris Yost was caught in L.A. traffic, apparently do to a truck explosion on the highway. Jim McCann moderates.

"Give it up for C.B.'s beard!" Jim McCann cheered, which Cebulski described as "a convention exclusive."

Nick Lowe described "Uncanny X-Men " #500 and the X-Men's move to San Francisco as "the biggest seismic change in X-Men history."

Nick Lowe and Craig Kyle promoted Chris Yost's "Storm" miniseries.

Fraction on an Emma Frost image: "those aren't quite the final colors - the hair shouldn't be so brown." "That's a hint," he joked.

"Mutantdom as a collective are moving to the city," Fraction said, indicatiing that there would be a rotating roster of characters. "So we don't have just seven guys and Storm." There will also be a Sisterhood of Evil Mutants appearing in the series.

The "Original Sin" crossover between "Wolverine Origins" and "X-Men Legacy" will be five parts across two months, beginning with an "Original Sin" one-shot in October.

A new villain in Jason Aaron's "Wolverine" is "a guy who can literally punch a guy in his soul."

The next big X-Men miniseries is "X Infernus," featuring the return of Magik, in December. C.B. Cebulski is writing. David Finch will be doing covers, but the artist is not yet announced.

McCann then opened the floor to questions.

"We have some big plans for Iceman, he is a big part of our Manifest Destiny miniseries," Lowe said. "He has an altercation with a major X-Villain. The miniseries is written by Mike Carey and begins in September.

Return to the Mojoverse? "How about Spiral?" Fraction offered. "She's not as fat and hideous," Lowe added.

Asked whether we will see Apocalypse soon, Fraction said, "That's a really good question." Way added, "Let's just respect the question."

There are discussions to bring back Jean Grey, but it's a story Marvel does not want to rush.

Regarding media coverage for Marvel titles outside of Bendis's titles, Fraction said, "We were on the front page of the Lifestyles section in USA Today, does that count?" Fraction and Lowe both said there would be a "big push" for "Manifest Destiny."

Lowe explained that Sinister "put Gambit back together" after the Cajun was transformed by Apocalypse, but beyond this there are not plans to explore his return to humanity.

An Australian fan asked about Slipstream and Lifeguard, and McCann suggested they would appear or have their fates decided in 2009. "Can I have her?" Liu asked, offering to include them in "NYX."

Way said that Deadpool is "too volatile" for membership in the X-Men, but noted that "they've tried it once before with Wolverine and it worked out well." The writer added that Deadpool would be "rubbing shoulders" with the X-Men, and "not always in a good way."

Regarding the X-Men in "Secret Invasion," Lowe noted that "we kind of play on the outskirts of the Marvel Universe," and Fraction described the overlap in terms of a Venn diagram. He said there would be one major X-moment in "Secret Invasion."

Discussing Dupe, Fraction said he "lo-o-o-oves Dupe," which made Kyle laugh. Fraction said, though, that Dupe is "such a Peter Milligan character" and that writing him doesn't feel right. "So no plans for now, sorry."

There was a good amount of applause for the return of Archangel in "X-Force," but when the fan asked about the seemingly simultaneous appearance of the regular Angel on upcoming covers, Fraction, Kyle, and McCann rubbed their chins thoughtfully. "One character. It will be addressed," Kyle said.

John Dokes then joined the panel to say "Marvel: Your Universe," then McCann joked that that's all he had to say.

Regarding Starjammers: "You're going to have to come to all of our panels this weekend," McCann said. Pressed, he specified the "Secret Invasion" panel.

"Sabretooth isn't coming back; he's dead," Lowe said to applause.

Hearing rumbling from next door that fans identified as "Halo," Kyle jokingly ran offstage. Coming back, he told fans his Halo ID is "Codename Mofo."

Kyle said that the first three episodes of "Wolverine and the X-Men" would run Saturday night at the Convention. "We know Wolverine's no leader," he said, apparently in response to previous fan complaints, "but giving the job to the guy who doesn't want it creates all kinds of interesting conflicts."

"In the next X-Men movie, we're killing Robin," McCann joked.

"Would you like to see a Deadpool movie?" Way asked. "Let's go do one, and put it on YouTube!" The panelists clarified that they do not have control over Marvel Studios.

McCann tried to goad two fans dressed as Gambit into fighting each other, then tried to sic them on Optimus Prime. "Is Optimus Prime flicking us off?" he wondered.

Way talked about the Muramasa blade that killed Sabretooth as the one thing we know of currently that can kill Wolverine. A fan suggested the character is too powerful, but McCann said this had been addressed in Guggenheim's "Death of Wolverine" arc.

A series of fan questions about Hulkling led to the same response from McCann: "See you at the 'Secret Invasion' panel!"

Cipher fans? "Pick up 'Young X-Men' #5," Lowe said.

Cebulski's "Dakota North" series is on hold due to "a changing landscape" in the Marvel Universe, but he said he's hoping to get back to it after "Secret Invasion."

The Fraction/Brubaker writing partnership? "I do the nouns, he does the verbs," Fraction joked. He said they have a story outlined that they have discussed, and they rotate different aspects.

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