CCI: <i>The Other Guys</i> Panel


“It’s a pleasure to be here in the whale’s vagina,” Will Ferrell, quoting his “Anchorman” character Ron Burgundy, told the Friday crowd at Comic-Con International. “That’s a literal translation of ‘San Diego'.”

“No, it just means Saint Diego,” Eva Mendes replied, picking up the line.

“Well, agree to disagree,” Burgundy -- er, Ferrell -- said.

And “The Other Guys” panel was off. Featuring stars Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and director Adam McKay, “The Other Guys” won the day in Hall H, drawing big laughs, both from the preview and from the actors berating fans standing in line to ask questions.

McKay introduced the film, telling the audience it was about to see a mix of footage that did and didn’t make it into the movie. Scenes included Ferrell punching Wahlberg in the face with a wooden gun, homeless men telling Ferrell they are going to use his Prius for some unusual group sex (“It’s called a ‘soup kitchen',” an officer says in a different clip), and Mendes groping her breasts and telling Ferrell to be safe at work so he can come home to enjoy two of her best assets.

A fan asked Wahlberg why he decided to do a comedy.

“They asked me, and I said, 'Are you kidding me? With these guys?'” Wahlberg said, pointing to Ferrell and Mendes. “It was a dream come true. And the movie is better than the trailer.”

McKay was asked how it felt to shoot a comedy with a lot of action scenes.

“I’m just a giant film fan, so as a film geek, it was amazing to shoot this stuff,” he replied. “Oliver Wood ('The Bourne Identity,' 'Talladega Nights') shot this. Every day we would look at each other and laugh, ‘Oh my God, we just blew up a helicopter!'”

A young fan approached the microphone, and before he could even get in a question, Mendes shocked him with, “You’re pretty cute.”

The young fan, startled at first, quickly got on his toes and said, “You know … I’m available.”

The crowd cheered on the fan, but none more than Mark Wahlberg:“Dude, you’re in, she’s ready! You can have my hotel room. Hard Rock, Room 352!”

Mendes then asked the boy if he was “legal.”

“Does 16 count?” he asked.

Ferrell then started chanting, “Boner alert! Boner alert!”

When the camera cut back to the fan, he was joined by an older woman. “Eva, I’m his mother, and um,” she said, “and you’re really cute.”

Wahlberg loved the drama: “He’s like, ‘Mom, get out of here!' Mom, when the door is locked and he’s alone, and you hear some noises coming from his room, just leave him alone. It’s him and a photo of Eva, and, you know, it’s natural. Just leave him alone!”

Another teenage boy approached the microphone and asked Mendes if she knew who he was. Mendes did recognize him, shocked at how much he had grown since she last saw him. The teen then explained to the crowd that, five years ago, at the Comic-Con panel for “Ghost Rider,” he told Mendes she was “foxy.” He then ran into Mendes at a restaurant that same evening, where Mendes told him he was “a little young,” and to “come back in five years.”

“You know how many years it’s been?” the fan asked with a smile.

“You were so cute, and you’re cute now!” Mendes laughed. “[I’m in] Room 402. I’m kidding.”

Now that Mendes was done courting, and getting hit on by teenage boys, a fan asked Wahlberg if he really could speak Hebrew. Wahlberg said he could, and then spoke some for her. Ferrell accused him of speaking Klingon.

“Tell him what I said,” Wahlberg told the fan.

The fan laughed, and told Ferrell, “He called you a son of a bitch and 'fuck you'.”

“That’s impressive,” Ferrell said.

Another fan asked Ferrell what he still had on his bucket list.

“I’m pretty happy with my bucket list,” he said. “[I] still one day hope to have a 52-inch vertical leap. I’d love to learn Hebrew one day. … I’m still working on my novel.”

McKay asked him how far along he was on the novel.

“I’m about 7,000 pages into it. It’s called ‘Kick Ass.’ I’m pretty happy. I’d also like to get my pilot’s license. I’d like to circumnavigate the world. That’s not a joke.”

A fan told Ferrell that he was her comedic hero and that she quotes him every day. She wanted to know what his favorite quotes were from his movies.

“One favorite is ‘I want to be on you.’ I’ve gotten a lot of ‘shake and bake.’ Of course, ‘You’re my boy blue,’ and ‘Let’s go streaking',” Ferrell said. “Mostly the comment I get is, ‘Please don’t touch me,’ and I’m like, ‘That’s not a movie quote of mine!’ And they say, ‘I know … please don’t touch me'.”

Mendes told Ferrell that she quotes “Anchorman” daily, calling it her “Godfather” and “Citizen Kane.” She begged for an “Anchorman 2.”

McKay said they tried for “Anchorman 2” but there were too many actors with conflicting schedules to get together. He did announce that he officially signed on earlier that day to do “The Boys," an adaptation of the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

“I just signed on to do a remake of 'Boys on the Side'," Ferrell said. "That’s just a weird coincidence."

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