CCI: The Joker Revealed, First "Dark Knight" Trailer Online

Whysoserious.com, a new website discovered early this morning, appeared to be a "The Dark Knight"-related recruiting drive for the Joker's gang. At the top of the site was a countdown and a message urging visitors to gather in what appears to be downtown San Diego - just outside the convention center - for "tryouts."

"Tired of your miserable, dead-end job? Ready for a change of pace? Our organization is expanding!"

The exact coordinates of the meeting are 32º 42' 29.13 N by 117º 9' 40.91W.

The following image of the Joker was discovered on the same website, which has been updated with the message, Get more recruits to the van, any way you can!

The Joker website has now been updated with three QuickTime versions of the first trailer for The Dark Knight. You can see medium, high and best.

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