CCI: The Devil's Due Panel

The Devil's Due panel was packed with talent, from "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley to two-time Oscar Award winner Kevin Spacey.

Present on the panel were Seeley, Todd Lincoln ("Hack/Slash" director), Justin Marks ("Hack/Slash" screenwriter), Josh Blaylock (Devil's Due president), Phil Segal (president of Original Productions), Missy Suicide (founder, SuicideGirls.com) and Jason Burns (writer, "Serpo"). At the midway point, the panel welcomed Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti (producer, "21," "Fanboys") with TriggerStreet.com.

Seeley started off the panel giving the crowd his quick summation of "Hack/Slash." He said that at the end of most slasher movies, there is one surviving character - his lead character, Cassie, is a slasher survivor. "She uses that expertise to hunt down slashers. It's sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes naughty."

Lincoln said he bought the comic the day it came out and knew it should be a movie from the moment he read it. "At the time, all the other studios were looking for "Saw," or "Hostel" or Japanese horror," Lincoln said. "This is such a simple, no-brainer concept, And we're getting ready to make this thing."

Seeley and Lincoln became fast friends after meeting at Comic-Con a few years ago. The two like to talk about bad horror movies like "Jack Frost 2" and "Welcome to Spring Break."

"I talk to Todd ten times more than I talk to my mom," Seeley laughed.

Marks said it was a "dream" to work on "Hack/Slash."

"I immediately fell in love with Cassie," Marks said. "I said, 'I can't wait to see that movie.'"

Marks was in Bangkok working on "Street Fighter" when he got an email asking him to pitch the "Hack/Slash" movie. He said he was so excited that he booked a flight to L.A. the next day, writing his pitch during his 17-hour flight.

The panel joked that Marks was a good fit for "Hack/Slash" because he wrote the He-Man script.

"Cassie is just like He-Man," Marks joked. "Just smaller. And a little hotter, in my opinion.

"I had just delivered the script on 'He-Man'... I spent a year and a half in Eternia," Marks continued. "I really wanted to write a high school girl, something grounded. It's about doing a movie that isn't something you've seen before. In a year, this is the movie we'll be hungering for."

A fan asked Seeley if the crew were going to properly capture his vision, and what that vision was.

"Lots of product placements, and at least one totally miscast actor," Seeley joked. "No, I'm not a movie guy. The way [Marks and Lincoln] talk about it is the way I see it."

Lincoln then talked about how he envisioned the movie.

"It's a blood-soaked buddy movie," he said. "It's about a girl who just accidentally killer her mom. It's grounded, it's real, it's bloody. You're going to get the gore, you're going to get the breasts. If you were really this 18-, 19-year-old girl, with no resources, how would you do it? How would you hunt, track, kill? We're going to give you new, iconic, terrifying slashers. It's going to be a hard 'R' with lots of heart."

Marks compared the diversity of the movie to his playlist on his iPod as he was writing the script.

"As far as tone, it's a comedy, it's a blood-soaked horror. I always come up with playlists for (when I'm writing). This one has everything from Metallica to Ani DiFranco."

With Missy Suicide sitting in on the panel, Cassie's tie-in with the Suicide Girls was brought up. In the story, Cassie poses as a Suicide Girl to capture a killer who can kill through his computer.

"You work in comics, you meet these awesome hot chicks who are also dorks," Seeley said. "It's my favorite thing about comics."

"Tim had been a member of the site for a while," Suicide said, which evoked a chuckle from the crowd. "People loved (the crossover), we couldn't believe that Cassie was actually a Suicide Girl."

Marks got a chance to talk about his first foray into comics, with DDP's "Bionic Commando." Jean Diaz will be providing the pencils. "It's a game I grew up on... I did play the new game, it's amazing the way they've managed the grappling arm."

Segal then talked about "Chopper Zombie."

"The idea of a biker show with zombies was awesome... it's like peanut butter, jelly - bikers, zombies."

Before Kevin Spacey was brought out for the TriggerSpace announcement, writer Jason Burns was able to get a quick word in about his new comic series, "Serpo."

"It's loosely based on a true story that was leaked on the internet about a planetary exchange program," he said. "It's me adapting the journals of a 12-year veteran of this exchange program."

Burns was asked if he believed in UFOs.

"I believe in life on other planets. What I like about ("Serpo") is you can go to the web site --- serpo.com -- and judge for yourself. We had to fictionalize some of the story, but it's based on a true story."

At this point, Brian Warmoth, Devil's Due's marketing manager, introduced Kevin Spacey to the crowd. To read CBR's coverage of Kevin Spacey at Comic-Con, click here.

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