CCI: The BOOM! Studios Panel

BOOM! Studios announced three new ongoing series based on their licensed projects - "Farscape," "The Muppet Show" and "The Incredibles" - as well as a new Phil Hester-written ongoing called "The Anchor" at their panel Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The panel consisted of BOOM! CEO Ross Richie; Andrew Cosby, chief creative officer; Mark Waid, editor in chief; Matt Gagnon, editor; and Chip Mosher, marketing director. Mosher kicked off the panel by talking about their licensed "Farscape" titles. He said "Farscape," based on the TV series that aired on the Sci Fi Channel, has been hugely successful for them.

"We premiered the first issue on Christmas Eve, and it immediately sold out in five days," Mosher said. Issues 1,2 and 3 of that first mini-series had multiple sellouts and reprints, and the follow-up mini-series have sold strongly as well.

BOOM! announced that later this year they will launch an ongoing "Farscape" series. "Farscape" creator Rockne S. O'Bannon and novelist Keith DeCandido, who have worked together on all the mini-series, will continue to work on the "Farscape" ongoing.

Gagnon, who edits the title, says O'Bannon is "one of the true geniuses in television." He noted that O'Bannon had shepherded the whole project and "made sure it was in canon."

Mosher also announced that two more comics they've been publishing as mini-series will also become ongoings - "The Incredibles," written by Waid, and "The Muppet Show," by Roger Langridge. "The Incredibles" series kicks off with a "#0" issue that will be out before the end of the summer. No date was given for when "The Muppet Show" will become an ongoing, but it will be preceded by another mini-series and a "#0" issue.

Also announced at the panel was "The Anchor," a new ongoing series written by Phil Hester with art by Brian Churilla. It's about God's enforcer, who stands between Hell and Earth, protecting humanity by punching monsters spilling out of Hell. "Monsters get punched," Richie said with emphasis. For more on "The Anchor," check out a more in-depth story on Comic Book Resources.

Last week BOOM! announced that Coheed and Cambria lead singer Claudio Sanchez was teaming with "Supertron" creator Sheldon Vella for a comic called Kill Audio. The book is co-written by his fiance Chondra Echert.

Sanchez is no stranger to comics, as he did "The Amory Wars" for Image. Kill Audio is the name of the lead character, who is based on a vinyl character Sanchez created.

"Kill Audio is a really fun project, and it's like nothing I've ever seen," Gagnon said, "It's a very surreal story." He added that Kill Audio will be "traveling through the realm of sight and sound, trying to find his purpose."

A second "Unknown" mini-series from Waid and Dutch artist Minck Oosterveer will follow up on the first, which is about the world's greatest detective discovering she only has six months to live - so she tries to solve the mystery of what happens when you die. A hardcover of the first series is due this fall. 

"I've described it as Doc Savage meets David Lynch," Waid said. The new series is subtitled "The Devil Made Flesh," and Waid joked that he couldn't keep the series of mini-series going perpetually, that eventually the main character's six months will be up.

"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" turns Philip K. Dick's classic story into a comic. The first issue sold out quickly, and it's been reprinted with a new cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. The first four issues will be collected into a hardcover.

"Jennifer's Body," which ties into the film starring Megan Fox that comes out in September, will feature stories written by Rob Spears and drawn by Nikki Cook, Jim Mahfood, Ming Doyle and Alan Robinson.

Showing slides that said "The Quack is back" and "the Mouse is in the house," Mosher spotlighted their recently acquired license to publish comics about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other classic Disney characters. They'll be reprinting material that's previously appeared in Italy, which includes "Double Duck," a James Bond riff starring Donald Duck, and a comic about several of the Disney characters as a super team. They'll also have a Christmas Classics title out around the holidays.

BOOM! ended the panel with a bit of a mistake - a planned mistake, maybe, but they played it off as an error. They flashed up a slide that played off of their "Mark Waid is Evil" campaign that said "Mark Waid is Incorruptible." No details were given.

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