CCI tests new ticket system, 'burned through 1,000 tickets in about 60 seconds'

This morning at 8 a.m. Pacific Comic-Con International tested their new system for selling tickets to the 2011 show. As we noted earlier this week, it involved using two vendors and making 1,000 tickets available during the test.

The test is now closed, according to their website, which now reads, "The test is now completed and we are analyzing results."

Comic Book Resources executive producer/head honcho Jonah Weiland attempted to purchase tickets when they went on sale, and sent us a report on what he experienced:

-- At 8:00 I clicked through to the Ticketleap Web site and put in a request for two tickets.-- The site was very slow to respond, but about 60 seconds after putting in my request (8:01) I got the following message: "Checkout failed: Not enough tickets remain for the event to fulfill your purchase"-- Beginning at 8:02 I began to see "502 Bad Gateway" error messages as I would try to reload the page.-- Once pages would begin loading again properly, about 8:05, the message on the screen (once it would load, it was still a tad slow) said, "Tickets are currently not available to this event."

So, if this is to be believed, they burned through 1000 tickets in about 60 seconds.

If you hit the TicketLeap site, you can see comment page after comment page from various folks who attempted to get tickets this morning. A few note that they received a conformation code, but many, many more were frustrated by it.

Update: Kiel Phegley talks to CCI's David Glanzer about the test, while Heidi at the Beat has some numbers from TicketLeap.

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