CCI: Terry Moore Announces New "SiP" Story and All-Ages Comic Project

Terry Moore's Eisner Award winning series "Strangers in Paradise" debuted in 1993, and with its 20th anniversary swiftly approaching, Moore announced at Comic-Con International in San Diego that he will be returning to the property with an all-new story in the form of a prose novel.

With a planned 2013 release published through his company Abstract Studio, Moore revealed the reasons for the new story during a panel at Comic-Con Thursday night. "Strangers" was Moore's gateway into comics, so in honor of that, it will now be his first prose novel as well.

"I'm approaching 60 and I don't want to be 65 with a monthly deadline for art pages. I'm thinking about my future -- I can be 75 and still write. [The readers] have matured, so I would like to write a deeper, more introspective story," Moore said. The book's development is the reason why Comic-Con International is the only con Moore has (and will) attend in the United States during 2012.

Moore also announced that after his current ongoing horror series "Rachel Rising" concludes in 30-40 issues, he will dive into a completely different genre for his next project -- all-ages comics.

"I want to do an all-ages funny thing again," Moore said. "I'm happiest when I'm drawing something funny or silly -- I'm actually a funny guy. There's still a kid in me. [I want] to focus on life and how it's like yours, but funnier. [My characters] can laugh at themselves.

"I have this urge to remind people that life can be beautiful and funny."

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