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With Comic-Con International 2008 slowly becoming a memory (we still have some stories yet to post), I thought I'd take this moment to point out some of the talent behind our convention coverage (don't miss our full news index) and share my thanks publicly for what the crew was able to accomplish during this most difficult of shows. As a result of Team CBR's hard work, we saw our highest weekend traffic ever, which followed our busiest week ever due to the success of "The Dark Knight" and our hugely comprehensive coverage of the film. But as good as last week was, the week following Comic-Con was even better. Seriously -- Busiest. Week. Ever.

None of this would not have been possible without Team CBR.

The CBR TV Crew

Director Lincoln Morrison, a true pro who did an excellent job of running the cameras and sound during our interviews. He made my job easy.

Editor Seth Sherwood spent most of his days inside a dark room at the Omni Hotel producing our many, many CBR Boat Show interviews. While this time may not have been glamorous, Seth's contributions to the show were huge, turning around two to three high quality videos a day. Look for three videos a week to be published here starting next Monday.

Timothy Callahan, Shaun Manning, Remy Minnick, Jeffrey Renaud, Dave Richards and Hannibal Tabu deserve praise for their work writing said interviews. Their input was invaluable.

The CBR Live Reporters

Andy Khouri, Shaun Manning and Hannibal Tabu. Writing a live report with sometimes sketchy wireless internet access is one of the hardest jobs one can do at Comic-Con. The structure of a comic book panel discussion often resembles total anarchy, but these guys did a great job covering eight panels live Thursday through Saturday and three again on Sunday. They brought the show directly to our readers, as it happened. Well done.

The On-Site Reporters

Erik Amaya, Timothy Callahan, Sean T. Collins, Mark Cronan, Emmett Furey, Tom Gastall, Seth Jones, Ashley MacQuarrie, Jim MacQuarrie, Remy Minnick, David Moran, Jami Philbrick, Matt Murphy and Travis Fischer. These folks are the ones who brought you our amazing in-depth coverage of Comic-Con International. Each day they'd handle two or three panels apiece and were tasked with the difficult job of bringing everything to you as quickly as possible. They're the reason CBR has nearly 200 stories from Comic-Con. They were all on their own, battling with crowds to get into panels, at times having to wait 90 minutes or longer just to get a seat. It's not easy work, but they all did great.

The Off-Site Reporters

Erik Amaya, Emmett Furey, Kiel Phegley, Jeffrey Renaud, Dave Richards and Michael Sullivan. With very little lead time -- in some cases only a couple of days -- this group of reporters pulled together interviews from disparate corners of the comic book industry and had the stories ready to supplement our coverage of Comic-Con, adding a level of depth and detail we wouldn't have had otherwise.

The Photographers

Pinguino Kolb is a familiar name to regular CBR visitors and as you've seen, she was busy at Comic-Con International being everywhere at once and taking photos of it all. On the CBR boat, Emiliano Limon snapped photos of nearly everyone who came out for an interview.

Special Thanks

I'd like to recognize some of the folks whose work you've enjoyed but may not yet know about.

Seth Jones has worked for CBR off and on for five years. Seth ran the ship in Chicago for the last three Wizard World conventions, and took on Comic-Con as CBR's Programming Director, helping to choose which panels we should cover and helping reporters who found themselves locked out of a panel or facing other sorts of emergencies.

Sean T. Collins joined Team CBR only three weeks prior to the launch of the show as a utility player and reporter on the ground for emergency panel coverage and to capture on-site interviews. He did a wonderful job checking in with CCI Director of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer throughout Comic-Con to see how things were going, as well as conducted interviews and wrote articles on a variety of subjects during the weekend.

Timothy Callahan has been a reviewer on CBR for some time now and during Comic-Con he handed in five daily reports of his adventures on the convention floor. Tim added a much needed "fan perspective" to our coverage that also leads into his new weekly column, which will begin next week here on CBR.

Truly, the unsung hero of CBR's coverage of Comic-Con was Stephen Gerding, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes all weekend long as CBR's on-site editor, posting and editing stories all weekend long. The overwhelming majority of articles published during Comic-Con passed through Stephen, yet his name was never seen on the site. It's one of the downsides of working behind the scenes, but that lack of recognition is rectified here and now. Thanks, Stephen. You captained this ship perfectly.

Additional thanks go out to Jeremy Atkins, Jacq Cohen, Jim McCann, Arune Singh, Joe Keatinge, Chip Mosher, David Gale and MTv New Media, William Christensen, Brian Warmoth, Mel Caylo, Chris Ryall, Scott Dunbier, Susan Kesser, David Glanzer, David Hyde, Dan Evans, Sam Humphries, Brett Warnock, Cory Llewelyn, Rantz Hoesely, Michelle Clark, Katrina Alvarez, Beach City Market, Ken with California Cruisin, Cox Cable, the Marriott Marina Offices, Jim MacQuarrie, CBR Programmers Frank Beaton and Michael Millard, Robert Kohler & Brian Walsh at Castfire and our wonderful sponsors Radical Publishing, FanExpo Canada, Funimation, Richard Starkings & Comicraft, Mike Malve & Atomic Comics and of course you, our readers.

Now to start planning for Comic-Con International 2009! (You think I'm kidding?)


Jonah Weiland

Executive Producer, CBR

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